Silent Hill 2 gets a gameplay trailer with a Resident Evil 4 vibe; look

This Wednesday (31), Silent Hill 2 finally received news. Short, the section is focused on combat mechanics, and only acted as a preview of what is to come. Without expanding on any news about the narrative, the premiere also did not provide details about the possible release date.

From the excerpt presented in the last State of Playit is possible to suggest that Silent Hill 2 Remake will maintain the same dense narrative tone present in the original version, but will have 'modernized' gameplay for new audiences — which is very reminiscent of the new Resident Evil 4 Remake. Remembering, the original plot brings James Sunderland on a journey to supposedly meet his wife, who sent him a letter inviting him to a meeting in silent Hill — however, she passed away years ago.

Check out the new gameplay preview for Silent Hill 2 Remake:

Silent Hill: The Short Message

Surprisingly, the remake of Silent Hill 2 took a backseat, as its preview arrived immediately after the reveal of Silent Hill: The Short Message. Free to play, the new game is now available exclusively for PlayStation 5, and has a style very similar to the iconic PT, the playable demo of Silent Hills — title that would be directed by the iconic Hideo Kojima and was canceled in 2015.

Check out the trailer for Silent Hill: The Short Message:

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