We tell the six reasons to want the cameras in the mirrors. And it increasingly mirrors are falling outdated. We tell the six reasons to want the cameras in the mirror . As you already have in the US will be mandatory for cars with rear view camera from 2018. Therefore, our fellow Cnet have made ‚Äč‚Äčthis list which shows that, increasingly, the mirrors are falling outdated .


Reasons for wanting rearview cameras: more fuel efficiency

When you’re running, down the window and stick your arm (without losing the attention of the road, of course). The force of the wind that you notice is a ‘handicap’ exerting aerodynamic mirrors. If we remove the A-pillar , your car will optimize its aerodynamics and the engine can consume less to offer the same specifications. In fact, Tesla claims that its absence could lead to a reduction of the aerodynamic drag of between 3 and 6% less. This does not directly translate into a savings of 3-6% fuel, but does affect consumer. It will be one of the reasons porlas Tesla wants to eliminate the rear of the car .

Reasons for wanting rear view cameras in automobiles quieter

The same relationship that mirrors the exit aerodynamics between the mirrors and the noise level. When the car is making a hole in the atmosphere, the woodcock air against mirrors and creates turbulence, which in turn generate noise. Manufacturers have invested heavily in getting developing quieter mirrors; have reduced their aarea and have added elements that minimize this turbulence, when it is much easier to remove them and replace them with low-profile camera.

Reasons for wanting cameras mirrors: improved visibility

Most people do not know how to place the mirrors for optimum visibility covering the blind spot (tip: if you can see the door handles, they are wrong).

The cameras solve this, since its operation does not depend on the relationship between the driver and the screen. The viewing angle of the camera can be configured at the factory, and does not need to be adjusted according to the height of the driver or his position on the seat. If you can see the screen, so good. As shown, a button: if your car has rear view camera, you surely have never had to adjust to park, and it is likely that every time you park, you have to move a little mirror.

In addition, the cameras eliminate the blind spot, and offer a much wider field of vision, and thanks to some extra software can provide help guides such as Honda Lane Watch , you eliminate the mental calculation of ‘objects are much closer than it looks. ” Check out the video (above) on this wonderful technology of Honda.

Reasons for wanting rear view cameras: less glare

As exemplified by the Smart Mirror Nissan , which is rear view mirror and rear view camera while the image processing and subsequent exposure can reduce glare and optimize the image offered in low visibility conditions. This system also helps the driver to see what happens in the back rows, head restraints, loading …

Reasons for wanting rear view cameras in automobiles more beautiful

Have you noticed that most of the prototypes do not wear mirrors ? Even those who ride them, they are tiny, and try to draw as little attention as possible. This is because the mirrors are ugly. If no obligation to take, marks not the ride. And imagine the design freedom they would have if the marks were not forced to ride … (By the way, do not miss the most spectacular prototypes of all time ).

Reasons for wanting rear view cameras: less dents

Remove the mirrors also it means there will be an outstanding unless tempt vandals or could be damaged by other drivers. If ever you’ve found a broken mirror to return to your car, you will agree with this reflection of Cnet.