Li-Fi, the fastest wireless connection in the world, has already been tested in smart phones. And a few days ago, an Android Smart phones provided Oledcomm slightly modified, in which they have managed to turn the front camera on a light sensor, through which the device can take advantage of Li-Fi technology (Light-Fidelity).

advantage of Li-Fi technology

The Li-Fi technology has different characteristics. One of the most notable is the data transmission rate of about 10 Gbit / s * or more. In addition, data is transmitted through the light micro Led diodes, specially developed by the University of Strathclyde (Scotland). To make matters worse, not causes interference and to use the same electromagnetic field of the light is free to cause health risks.The system has several micro LEDs which send information in parallel, allowing each transmit data completely independently from each other. In one of the tests conducted by several universities in the UK (Edinburgh, St Andrews, Strathclyde, Oxford and Cambridge), employing three of these micro LEDs, each of a different color (red, green and blue), they managed to achieve the 10 Gbit / s * (3.5 Gbit / s by Led).

The only drawback of this system is that data transmission, when using light as transportation, acquires one of the features of it: it is not able to pass through walls and objects. For many, this problem could become the lead after the safety of the data, since the scope of the network would be limited to our home, thus avoiding connection attempts from outside.

The Lifi protocols are defined by the international standard IEEE 802.15 established since 2011 by the IEEE committee. This is the same committee that defined Ethernet 802.3 and 802.11. For many specialists Lifi is a technology breakthrough for the mobile Internet community and to the domain of connected objects. Although in 2012 the company introduced a Casio and mobile devices with this technology, Oledcomm believed that Li-Fi smartphones appear on the market in not too long. However, the web is possible to acquire a variety of devices, apps and luminaire Li-Fi, such as spotlights, panels, lamps, etc..