Use your smartphone as a modem lets you access Internet on your computer or desk staff through mobile broadband connection on your phone . Most smartphones support this feature, although it is not widely publicized by the cell phone companies. This is also because most providers offer mobile broadband plans that require a separate fee and use a different computer.  Despite this, use your smartphone as a modem is a great choice, provided they do not exceed the maximum amount allowed by your provider.


1. Confirm compatibility. Most smartphones can be used as a modem out of the box, even if this feature is not advertised by your provider. You may need to download programs in store additional applications to your smartphone using the service.

2. Check the signal strength. Before using your phone as a modem, make sure you are connected to a mobile broadband network. Search the 3G or EV symbol at the top right corner of the screen of your smartphone. If the screen says 1x, you are connected to a slower and perhaps have difficulty connecting to websites broadband network.

smartphone a modem

3. Connect your smartphone to the computer . Connecting the phone as a modem to do via a USB cable or by creating a network of Bluetooth personal area (PAN, for its acronym in English) if both the computer and the phone supports Bluetooth. When you connect your smartphone via USB, the computer may ask how you want to enter the data on the device. You can close this screen just as they use the phone as a modem does not require Outlook or any other function to synchronize. To connect via Bluetooth PAN, make sure Bluetooth is enabled on both the computer and the phone , and that the devices are paired.

4. Connect to the network. Once the connection via USB or Bluetooth is complete, start the Internet Sharing app on your smartphone. After it loads, press the button “Connect”. It can take up to 30 seconds for the connection starts and show as available on your computer . Once the connection is negotiated, will appear in the right corner of the taskbar in Windows or in the upper right corner of the screen on computers with Mac OS You do not have any other active network connection, the connection smartphone as a modem will start automatically.

5. Check the connection. Once the connection has been completed and is shown on your task bar, visit a website or start a messaging program to verify connectivity. Nearby you can experience broadband speeds when you use your smartphone as a modem for your computer desktop or personal. Tips and Warnings Paying for exceeding the data can be expensive. Make sure you have a data plan on your smartphone before attempting to use the connection on your phone as a modem.