Soon it will be much easier to log into your router using this domain

Until now, to access the most common thing is to enter It may be different, since it depends on each router and how you have it configured. However, it is always usually 192.168.xx That is what could change soon. At least since I CAN They have shown their willingness to do so.

ICANN proposes new method to enter the router

ICANN is the Internet corporation in charge of assigning domain names. They have submitted a proposal for a top-level domain (TLD), which they have called .Internal. The goal is for it to be used internally and would not be accessible through the global domain name system or DNS.

This can make it easier to access the router. Instead of having to enter the address 192.168.xx, we would simply enter that .Internal domain that ICANN proposes. However, it has not been the only option; They also presented the alternative of using .Private, but it was finally discarded.

This type of domain would serve access the router, but you could also configure it to enter a server, for example. They want to generate a standardized solution that anyone can use. This, in a way, could facilitate the task of users who need to access the configuration of any router.

For the moment, this is a proposal that must be ratified. There is nothing official, but it is hoped that in the coming months we will know some news. However, we believe that it will not represent a major change for home users, beyond having something standardized and always the same. It can help solve router access problems.

Errors that block the router

Increased app usage

It must be taken into account that, currently, it is more common to access the router through an application. Many operators, as well as router models, allow you to log in from a program on mobile and make changes and adjustments that you may need. Therefore, you would not have to enter from the URL in the browser.

But is it really useful to access the router? Yes it is and, in fact, you should do it frequently. It is important for avoid security problemssince this way you could change the password from time to time and avoid using a key that could be weak and allow an attacker to enter.

It will also be necessary if you want to create a guest network, see what devices are currently connected or change the Wi-Fi channel, if you don't have it set to automatic. All of this can come in handy to improve the Internet connection and solve problems that may appear.

Therefore, ICANN has proposed using a top-level domain called .Internal, to be able to access the router configuration. For now, it is simply a proposal with which they intend to standardize this process.

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