Microsoft has announced the “liberation” of the first versions of source code MS-DOS and Word for Windows. In a statement have been reported for the first time puts “publicly available”, thanks to the help of the ComputerHistoryMuseum.

source code MS-DOS and Word for Windows

“The museum has done an excellent job of curating some historical software programs most significant in the history of computing as part of this ongoing project, the museum shall provide two of the most used software programs of the decade 1980 MS DOS 1.1 and 2.0 and Microsoft Word for Windows 1.1a, to help future generations of technologists better understand the roots of personal computing ” have said in a statement on the official blog of Microsoft.They report that in 1980 IBM was “closer” to Microsoft to work on a project called Chess. What followed after that was a milestone in the history of personal computers. In principle, Microsoft created a BASIC language interpreter for IBM, but then requested a complete operating system. Bill Gates’s company, then made ​​two operating system, PC-DOS, for the IBM PC and MS-DOS reserved, for other brands of computers.

“IBM and Microsoft developed a unique relationship , which paved the way for advances in personal computing industry rising, and further advances in personal computing, “said the document.

As they explained Bill Gates in 1980, in an interview with David Burnell in PC Magazine, 35 of the 100 employees of the company at that time, worked full time and overtime on the project with IBM.

Microsoft released the first version of Word based on DOS in 1983, however, which was successful was launched in 1989, called Word for Windows. “Word for Windows is a remarkable feat of engineering and marketing, and are proud to provide the source code for the museum,” they said.