Want to earn some frames to your mobile gaming? No need to change mobile, there are some tricks to get it. If you have a mobile midrange or high average insurance noticed that newer games well … falter a bit, and there’s that annoying lag that causes a slowdown. Well, there’s no way to put a better mobile graphics chip, but you can optimize a bit to take advantage of at least 100%. Lets talk about how to speed up android games.

android games

The first application is recommended AMC Security, which you can find directly for download from Google Play . Once you’ve downloaded recommend doing the following:

1- From the main menu that opens, go to the option ” Matador task “. There all applications that are running processes will appear. Try to select most (though perhaps some like Facebook and Whatsapp prefer remaining). It’s like the famous “Ctrl + Alt + Del” computer, only that easier.

2- It is also helpful if you give the button that says ” Scan “in the main menu. AMC will review it unnecessary files can be deleted so that you gain some extra storage, and note that mobile medium / low range with limited storage, up to 300 mb can help. Mainly clear the application cache, sometimes occupy a lot of space without you noticing memory.

3- Third, very important, is the ” Game Accelerator “when you walk asks you aluno selections of games you have installed and optimizes the phone to run the game best. In short, frees the memory and assigns more resources to the game and less on apps that run in the background.

It is not a magic solution, but a bit of fluidity can help you win, depending on the course game. It would not hurt either you follow the advice we have in the guide “How to improve performance on Android”

Clean Master: More optimization

The other app you can try to get some more performance is ” Clean Master “, another free app that you can find easily in Google Play . As for functions is similar to the previous AMC Security, but the optimizer game seems more practical. How is it used? Here goes:

1. On the main screen you must go to “Device Manager”
2. In the upper right corner, there is a small icon of a pad (like the Xbox) click here.
3. So enter the ” Optimizer games “where games can be optimized appear. Give some and the system will free up memory and resources to make the game run better. You also have the option to “Create folder” creates a folder on your launcher with games, which are optimized directly to enter.

To me, personally, gave me a little better than AMC results , but of course, depends on your phone. Also if you’re very careful what you install and applications that are running (as a good Android power user) improvement is smaller.