Steam hosts new festival with dozens of free games! See game recommendations

The first edition of Steam Vem Aí 2024 started this Monday (5). The event, which runs until February 12th, allows players download and play demo versions of titles for free which will be released in the future for PC.

Furthermore, it is possible to follow the broadcast of these same games, which will be carried out by their producers. In these lives, viewers will be able to send questions and clarify doubts about the games being shown, in addition to finding out more about the projects under development.

It is worth remembering that the second edition of Steam Vem Aí 2024 will be held between June 10th and 17th. The third edition, although confirmed, does not yet have an announced date.

Game that puts you in control of a nun is one of the highlights

INDIKA is a game whose theme promises to cause a lot of controversyINDIKA is a game whose theme promises to cause a lot of controversy.

Among the standout games, there is a title that draws attention because it puts the player in control of a nun: INDICA. Set in an alternative Russia at the end of the 19th century, you control a young religious woman, who begins to have visions that conflict with reality, leading her to search for answers. And to do so, she will have some unusual help: that of the devil himself.

Another highlight is the game Pacific Drive. In it, players must take control of a car in the middle of an area full of radiation and dangerous anomalies, which was isolated by the United States government for decades. To do this, you will have the help of strange and unknown voices that appear on your radio, and thus discover the secrets of the region.

10 games to play for free on Steam Come Here!

Pacific Drive is one of the highlights of Steam Vem Aí 2024

Below, check out a list of 10 titles to discover and enjoy during Steam Come Here in February. With one week of the event, there is time to discover many interesting titles!

And in your opinion, what is the game that stands out the most in this first Steam Coming Aí? Tell us on Voxel’s social media!

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