Steam offers underrated racing game for less than R$14! Enjoy

There are many racing games that marked an era and are constantly remembered by fans — and, of course, there are also some underrated gems of the genre. Need For Speed ​​Heat It's one of those games forgotten by the public and it's as fun as any other in the franchise. Its Deluxe version is even costing less than R$14 on Steam.

As recorded in SteamDB, Valve's platform database, the full version of Need For Speed ​​Heat it has a generous 95% discount and costs R$ 13.95 — the common price for Deluxe there is R$279.00. The offer will be available until February 20th.

This, without a doubt, is an excellent opportunity to expand your Steam game library. See below what is included in the Deluxe version:

  • 1 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X KS Edition starting car (available from the start in the player's workshop);
  • 3 additional KS Edition cars to unlock as you progress through the game;
  • 4 exclusive character costumes (available in character customization);
  • Increase in REP and BALANCE;
  • Increases REP rewards by 5%;
  • Increases BALANCE rewards by 5%.

It is worth mentioning that there is also an additional package with extra content — this, in turn, costs R$ 44.00 and not on sale at this time. Are you interested? Then check out the details at the links below:

  • Need For Speed ​​Heat Deluxe Edition (PC) — From R$ 279.00 per R$ 13.95
  • Black Market Delivery Packages (McLaren F1) + Map Keys — R$ 44.00

More details about Need For Speed ​​Heat

Need for Speed ​​Heat is set in the city of Palm City, Florida, where players participate in daytime races in the Speedhunter Showdown — but also get involved in clandestine competitions at night.

Need For Speed ​​Heat is one of the most beautiful games in the franchise.Need For Speed ​​Heat is one of the most beautiful games in the franchise.Source: Steam

After participating in the first race, you will be able to choose a character and your first car — and from there, go directly to the infamous street races. And look, the vehicle catalog is full, huh? There are more than 125 options including BMWs, Ferraris, Nissans and much more.

One of the most interesting things about the game is the way the police behave: during the day they are more responsible and act within the law, while at night they are more aggressive and spare no effort to arrest you.

Does Need For Speed ​​Heat run on my computer?

Are you interested in the offer? So check out the following minimum and recommended requirements to run Need For Speed ​​Heat on PC:

Minimum requirements

  • Operational system — Windows 64 bits
  • Processor — Core i5 3570, FX 6350 or equivalent
  • Video card — NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760, AMD Radeon 7970, Radeon R9 280x or equivalent
  • Memory — 8GB RAM
  • Storage — 50 GB of available space

Recommended Requirements

  • Operational system — Windows 64 bits
  • Processor — Core i7 4790, Ryzen 3 1300X or equivalent
  • Video card — NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, AMD Radeon RX 480 or equivalent
  • Memory — 16GB RAM
  • Storage — 50 GB of available space

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