Steam receives new mysterious horror game! Meet 'Project D'

A new mystery horror game is coming to PC. Project Dthe latest game from Half Mermaid Productions (Immortality)was officially revealed today, January 23rd, after being prematurely discovered in listings on Steam.

Under the leadership of Sam Barlow, famous for creating narrative games with Full Motion (FMV) videos, the title appears to be a unique and immersive experience. Shrouded in mystery and expectation, it has generated speculation and significant interest in the gaming community, even with plot and gameplay details still under wraps.

Source: Half Mermaid

Enigmatic Horror

Project D intensifies its mystery and suspense, insinuating that the plot takes place in the United States in 1983, in which the setting is reinforced by an intriguing sound sequence in the trailer, including dialogues that suggest police communication and the striking voice of Ronald Reagan proclaiming “We are Americans” (“We are Americans” in free translation).

Although the description on Steam is partially hidden, the combination of these visual elements – such as the image written “America” ​​- and sound suggests an immersive narrative, rooted in American history and culture of the 80s, mixing reality and fiction. The reference to Reagan and the political tension of the time can offer an additional layer of depth to the game, creating a rich scenario for exploration and discovery, in which psychological and supernatural horror intertwines with the context of the time.

Will my PC run Project D?

With the recent announcement of the game, only the minimum PC requirements were revealed, check them out below:

Source: Half Mermaid

Minimum requirements:

  • Processor: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • Operational system: Windows 10
  • Processor: requires 64-bit processor
  • RAM memory: 8GB RAM

These requirements suggest that the game will be playable on a variety of PCs without needing high-end hardware, which is good news for those with more modest systems.

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