Stellar Blade: studio talks about inspirations and appearance of the protagonist

After a long time without news, Project Evenow called Stellar Bladefinally had more information during the State of Play from last month. The game from the South Korean studio Shift Up was already attracting attention due to its bold look — and its inspirations in games like NieR: Automata, Bayonetta and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are also very clear.

In a recent interview with IGN Japan, the game's director, Kim Hyung Tae, said that he was based on the games mentioned above to develop the action RPG. In addition to them, the developer also revealed that he was inspired by the post-apocalyptic manga Battle Angel Alita and in science fiction films, such as the classic Blade Runner by Harrison Ford.

“The world of Stellar Blade It was designed with a mix of Japanese, Chinese and Korean cultures. […] I've enjoyed many different cultures in my life and I'm definitely influenced by science fiction works from the 80s and 90s and other dystopian worlds,” the South Korean developer told IGN.

Director feels honored when Stellar Blade is compared to NieR

Even for the most casual fans of the franchise NieRthe similarities with Stellar Blade are apparent. Just to name a few examples, both feature frantic and intense gameplay, as well as flashy protagonists wielding blades and breathtaking scenarios.

Kim revealed that the first time he played the Square Enix game “it was shocking.” “It was a big moment for me and led me to discover the type of game I wanted to create,” he told IGN.

The director of Stellar Blade is honored by the comparisons with Square Enix's NieR.The director of Stellar Blade is honored by the comparisons with Square Enix's NieR.Source: Steam

Instead of shying away from the comparisons, the developer also told the GamesRadar that it is a “great honor” to be related to a developer as famous as Yoko Taro — creator of the franchise NieR.

NieR was very important for inspiration when it came to developing our games. It's a wonderful title that inspired us. I'm a big fan of Yoko Taro,” he told the outlet.

Stellar Blade's protagonist caught attention

Part of the discussions about Stellar Blade on the networks it revolved around the protagonist Eve — who has a very “athletic” silhouette. The game director confirmed that the person who served as the basis for creating the character was the South Korean model Shin Jae-Eun.

South Korean model who served as inspiration for the creation of Eve, the protagonist of Stellar Blade.Source: PushSquare

“Yes, we based the character Eve on the model Shin Jae-Eun,” Kim confirmed to PushSquare. “We thought her body shape would be a good reference for our protagonist, but her face was originally created by us — it's just the model's body that we digitized for the game,” she explained.

In another interview, this time with Famitsuthe director of Stellar Blade revealed that Eve will have around 20 to 30 different skins to use. “The costumes are not closely linked to the story, but were included as an element that aims to highlight the character's charm. Eve will have around 20 to 30 skins.”

Eve's physical attributes were the subject of debate on social media.Source: PS Blog

Remembering that Stellar Blade will be released for PlayStation 5 on April 26, 2024. Looking forward to the action RPG? Comment on social media Voxel your expectations for the new PS5 exclusive!

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