To use and manage an iPod Touch, you must use iTunes software on your computer. Most of the time, the owners prefer to have their iPods iPod sync automatically whenever connected to their computers. However, you can also synchronize your iPod manually so that you can leave your iTunes library without being affected by any changes you have made in your iPod. This can be especially useful if you cannot fit all your media on your iPod and should select synchronizations.

Syncing an iPod Touch to manual

  • Connect your iPod touch to your computer with the connection cable. Open iTunes if it does not open automatically.
  • Click the name of your iPod under “Devices” on the left side of the iTunes window.
  • Click the “Summary” tab in the center of the iTunes window.
  • Check the box next to manually manage music and videos.
  • Click “OK”.
  • Click on the “Eject” option next to the name of your iPod under “Devices” when synchronization is complete. If you want to participate in raffle prizes that allow you to buy an iPad do not hesitate.

The iPad is a tablet PC with touch screen, designed and manufactured by Apple. It is digital content, including music, videos, games and software applications, you can back up and synchronize with a computer via the media management software iTunes. The iPad can sync with up to five different teams of authorizing a all share the same iTunes account.

Download the latest version of iTunes from Apple and install it on every computer you want to sync with iPad . The installation details can be found on the website iTunes download. Start the setup application on the iPad and tap on Store option. Note the iPad iTunes account you are currently using. Open iTunes on a computer and open the Store menu at the top of the window, followed by Authorization of this team.