TCL X955: it is confirmed that the manufacturer's gigantic 115-inch television will arrive in Europe

Just a few days ago TCL took advantage of the CES 2024 celebration to present its new range of televisions for this year. Being an event held in Las Vegas, the Chinese manufacturer focused on its new range for the United States. In it, the TCL QM891G stood out above all the models, a 115-inch giant with spectacular brightness. A giant that, precisely because of that blinding brightness and the current restrictions we have in Europe, we thought was not going to reach the old continent. Well, the manufacturer has confirmed that yes, that Its 115-inch television will be available in Europe as part of its flagship range, the X955.

As confirmed by Marek Maciejewski, Director of Product Development at TCL Europe, to colleagues at FlatpanelsHD, dFrom a technical point of view the TCL X955 (in Europe) It will be the exact same TV as the QM891G (in North America), only with two different model names as you can see. Same panel, same miniLED backlight and same chip (MediaTek). It is undoubtedly great news, although a little unexpected.

The 115-inch TCL X955 will arrive in Europe, although it will not be for all audiences

The TCL X955 is already in the manufacturer's catalog, available in two large diagonals: 85 and 98 inches. It is a model that we saw last year and that offers some very interesting features. For example, of course, it is a television with Premium QD-Mini LED technologywith 5,184 local dimming zones for the 98-inch model and a maximum brightness of no less than 5,000 nits.

the 115-inch TCL X955 will arrive in Europe

The version of 115 inches that was announced at CES has more than 20,000 local dimming zones and a Maximum brightness of more than 5,000 nits, according to TCL. According to colleagues who were able to see the screen at the Las Vegas fair, this model offers promising image quality, far exceeding the performance of a typical projector, especially in the contrast area. However, blooming was still noticeable, despite the large number of darkening zones that the device has.

As for the rest of the features, the 115-inch TCL X955 is expected to offer the same as the current models have. For example, it has a TCL ultra low reflection screen Designed for indoor viewing, providing an optimal experience both day and night, even in environments with complex lighting conditions.

On the other hand, it incorporates the AiPQ Processor 3.0, an image processor powered by AI that perceives and thinks like an intelligent mind to capture every detail of the real world in its rich database and perform simulations and optimizations based on human recognition. It finally reproduces visual results based on vibrant colors, excellent contrast and crystal clarity like those seen in the natural world.

the 115-inch TCL X955 will arrive in Europe details

To all this we must add compatibility with Dolby Vision iQ and with IMAX Enhanceda sound system with 4.2.2 channels up to 160W with ONKYO-designed speakers, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support, ultra-slim design for better integration, technology 144Hz Motion Clarity ProGame Master Pro 2.0 technology, connectivity HDMI 2.1 with 4K120 and VRR supportOS Google TV and even WiFi 6 connectivity.

Regarding the price, as you can imagine, this is not exactly an economical television. TCL Europe hopes that the TCL X955 115 inches launches in Europe at the end of the first quarter at the earliest or sometime in the second quarter. The sales price has not yet been set, but the manufacturer assures that it will be between 15,000 and 20,000 euros.

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