Teams is down? Users complain about difficulty using the app

The Microsoft Teams application registered problems this Friday (26) that prevented the sending of messages, files, made it difficult to create channels and more. The instability generated complaints from users.

According to Down Detector, the problems started around 1 pm (Brasília time). At 3:10 pm there were already 12 thousand notifications of instability on the website.

The majority of complaints (61%) were in relation to the Teams app, while another part was about the connection of servers (33%) and website (6%).

Microsoft TeamsDown Detector notified thousands of notifications about the Teams crash, showing that the problem was general (Image: Reproduction/Down Detector)

Complaints on social media

In research on social media, it is possible to see that problems in Teams affected users from various locations around the world. On X (formerly Twitter), many people who live in the United States published posts on the topic, for example.

Brazilians also spoke about the subject, wondering what had happened to the Microsoft service. Check out some posts on the subject below:

Microsoft admits Teams down

The official Microsoft 365 on X account admitted that Teams was experiencing issues around 1:45 p.m. “We are investigating an issue that affects several features of Microsoft Teams,” says an excerpt from the post.

Half an hour later, the page published that a network problem had been identified and that a failover was being carried out to “remediate the impact”. A failover is basically using a backup server when a primary server goes offline.

At 3:22 pm, Microsoft 365 Status reported that the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region failover had completed and that procedures for North America and South America were still taking place.

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