They say that when you are a father, you will eat eggs. What happens when you are a parent is that you have to search and dig up a bunch of solutions that make your life easier. Technology can help us a lot in this regard. Luckily, today’s families have countless resources. We can entertain children at critical times play games and even relax them. Today we want to propose a series of five technological solutions that have been very helpful to us. If you are a parent, you might find it useful too.


The mobile

We all have one in the pocket is by far one of the countries with the highest penetration rate of smartphones. Almost all of us have one and disengage yourself when you are a parent the phone will save your life on countless occasions. It will suit you very well to find out why the baby may have given birth to these granite or to know how to reduce the fever. Eye that at that point Google is very dangerous.

Whatever you are looking for you will find a thousand and one symptoms that can only be interpreted by a pediatrician. It will save you in the dentist’s office while you wait with the little ones. Also, in your endless trips by car to the town in the middle of August even find restaurants where you can take children and be calm.

The surveillance camera

I had one and I had to buy another, because the first one was broken. Both have been the best investment I’ve made in this whole process of motherhood. Surveillance cameras are very useful to monitor the child’s sleep. Especially when you are watching a movie and he sleeps in the room. As you grow and move to your own room, the camera will come great for you to rest easy.

When you are older, you can continue to take advantage of this device. You can still see how they play in their room while one of them prepares the food. In this sense, it is important that you choose a team that includes image and not just sound. Although these seconds are cheaper they do not give you enough information. Equipment that include camera can be always active or programmed so that the screen turns on if the child makes any noise.

Bluetooth speakers

That is not on the list of the purchase of any first-time parents. I already know it. As your children grow up and that will happen quickly you will realize that music is very important. It always comes in handy in times of stress. It is an incredibly therapeutic and stimulating tool. A Bluetooth speaker will help you put the music on and listen to it at any time. You can do it from the mobile, without cables in between, for a maximum of 12 hours. Best of all it has a super lightweight design that is resistant to water and shock.

Philips projector

Creating relaxing environments is one of the keys to helping babies sleep. It will also suit you very well to prepare for bedtime both baby and child as well as adults. That is why projectors and night-lights are interesting. Philips has some ambient lighting systems that will not only be useful for this stage but for life. In any store, you will find projectors with drawings of stars and other elements that will be reflected in the ceiling.

Another interesting option, for when they are older and ask you for do not close the door please is the night light points. This simple portable light point to me has saved the nights. It loads fast and can be carried everywhere. As the day goes on, the light is waning. The charge can last for more than a week.

A good package of TV content

We end up with another one of those resources that can help you resolve a time of trouble. Although the screens should not be, abused pediatricians have been recommending it for years it may be good for you to always have a few episodes of your favorite series stored.

When you are parents you will spend much more time at home, so for both of you and for them, maybe it would be interesting to have a TV package that can provide us with a bit more entertainment at home. Some of these services, such as Moister TV, offer us the possibility to record everything that is broadcast on TV or even to access exclusive contents of movies, series, documentaries and football.