The 10 most pirated films of the week (10/02)

The time has come to find out which titles have caught the most attention on the internet recently through our weekly chart. Remembering that we use the lists on the TorrentFreak website as a basis and we do not support piracy in any way.

Okay, did we have a lot of news this week? In fact, not so many. Only two newcomers made it to the list of most pirated films this time (remembering that, last week, there were four new titles). However, one of these two surprises has already arrived, taking the first position in the top 10.

Furthermore, we noticed the persistence of some of last week's news in this week's ranking. Wish: The Power of Wishes It is Ducks!, two familiar and light animations, for example, reappeared in the selection. The same goes for Ferraria long-awaited feature film about former driver Enzo Ferrari directed by Michael Mann and starring Adam Driver.

Ferrari returned to this week's list of most pirated films.Ferrari returned to this week's list of most pirated films.Source: Diamond Films

Shall we go to the full list?

The most pirated films of the week

Below, check out the complete list of this week's hottest films on the internet!

  • 10 – Napoleon
  • 9 – Orion and the Dark
  • 8 – Oppenheimer
  • 7 – Ducks!
  • 6 – Ferrari
  • 5 – Wish: The Power of Wishes
  • 4 – The Marvels
  • 3 – Wonka
  • 2 – Aquaman 2: The Lost Kingdom
  • 1 – Beekeeper – Revenge Network

Well, one of this week's news and the great champion of the list of most pirated films is Beekeeper – Revenge Network.

Directed by David Ayer, from Marked for Death (2012) and Suicide Squad (2016), the project has Jason Statham as the protagonist and the following synopsis: “One man's brutal attempt at revenge creates risks for the entire nation after he is revealed to be a former agent of a powerful, clandestine organization known as the “Beekeepers.

The other newcomer to this week's ranking is Orion and the Dark, an original Netflix film that consists of an animation filled with adventure, comedy and drama. “With a fertile imagination, a boy faces his fears on an unforgettable journey through the night alongside his new friend Dark, a giant, smiling creature”, says the synopsis of the work, directed by Sean Charmatz.

So, were you surprised by this week's list of most pirated films? Will we have surprises next week? Follow Minha Série to stay up to date with everything!

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