The 10 most pirated films of the week (27/01)

Every Saturday, you already know that you have an appointment with us, from Minha Série, to find out which were the most pirated films of the week. And today, of course, will be no different. So, place your bets now! Remembering that we use surveys from the TorrentFreak website as a basis and we do not support piracy.

This week, three very hot new features reached the list of most pirated films. One of them even stole the spotlight and already reached first place in the top 10, drawing a lot of attention from internet users. The other two also showed strength, placing in the top 5.

Meanwhile, several other films from last week's list reappeared this week, creating a real “game of musical chairs”. The Hunger Games: Song of Birds and Snakes It is Flower Moon Assassins, for example, continue to arouse interest among users who download films online. The same goes for titles like Oppenheimer It is Rebel Moon – Part 1: The Fire Girl.

Below, check out the complete list!

The most pirated films of the week

Below, check out the complete list of this week's hottest films on the internet!

  • 10 – Rebel Moon – Part 1: The Fire Girl
  • 9 – Barbie
  • 8 – The Hunger Games: A Song of Birds and Snakes
  • 7 – Lift: Robbery in the Heights
  • 6 – Assassins of the Flower Moon
  • 5 – Aquaman 2: The Lost Kingdom
  • 4 – Oppenheimer
  • 3 – Wonka
  • 2 – Napoleon
  • 1 – The Marvels

And the most pirated film of the week was… The Marvels! Well, the most recent feature in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) arrived with everything on pirated platforms.

“When the powers of Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, intertwine with those of Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel, and those of Monica Rambeau, current SABER astronaut, they must learn to work together to save the universe,” says the official synopsis of the attraction.

The Marvels was the champion of the week on the list of most pirated films.Source: Marvel | Disney

But what about the other two new additions to the list that we mentioned earlier? Well, one of them is Aquaman 2: The Lost Kingdom, another superhero production that is creating something to talk about among internet users. The DC film brings Jason Momoa back to the role of the main character. The other newcomer on the list is Wonkanew addition to the franchise The fantastic chocolate factory with star Timothée Chalamet.

So, did you get the titles on this week's list right? Keep an eye out to find out what next week’s ranking will be like!

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