Looking to buy the best 3D printer? I commented how best 3D printer 2015 according to your needs and budget, and what to consider in choosing one. 3D printing is one of the great revolutions in the world of technology that is slowly coming to homes. It imagines that allow us to create useful objects that you had to go buy before (especially the simple, such as hangers, cups, cutlery, etc), email and even share your own 3D objects by scanning. In short, like having a small factory at home. If you want to know more of them, I recommend our special video Tecnonauta TV .

best 3d printer

What should I consider when buying a 3D printer?

The first and most important is that you are clear about the use that will give . For a home and start in this world use most printers come cheap either, but if you are not closely related to the technology should go for a model that does not need to configure many things and have a good application for the PC. These printers usually can take several hours to make small objects and the level of detail is not exquisite, you might have to iron out a bit.

Then you see some important specs to choose the most appropriate model. Pay special attention to these:

– Print volume: It is usually measured in height x width x depth determines the size of the objects that you can print. An average size is usually 15 x 15 x 15 cm, but there are older.

– Resolution: The minimum width of the layers to create the object. While finer, higher level of detail. It is measured in microns, and range from 20 to 100/200 depending on the model.

– Materials supported: The most common materials are plastics ABS and PLA. The main difference is that the ABS is stronger, while the PLA does not emit harmful gases and comes in more colors.

– Number of extruders: By having several extruders you can create objects with different colors automatically. The most basic printers have one, to the most advanced (domestic) to reach 3.

Other key aspects are the noise they make (some are quite noisier than others) and, in the case of children who use it, if you have some protection. These are some key points, but make a note where I explain this in much more detail: 10 things you should know before buying a 3D printer .