Best virtual reality is coming with all the mass market. Microsoft, Sony, Samsung … All have strong bets. We tell you which are the glasses and what is your strategy. The virtual reality is preparing to get massively shortly. Manufacturers are contraband models that have, in about a year, a whole battery of proposed equipment VR (Virtual Reality) to enjoy games or movies in a much more immersive than ever before.

And those behind are not just indie companies and excited, talking about big as Microsoft, Sony and Samsung , among others. But of course, among many proposals you can lose some, so bring this summary of what the glasses to not to lose them track this year, and what is best that each one offers.

best virtual reality

Hololens: Between the real and the virtual

The Hololens are one of the glasses that surprised us, and drinking the concept of Google Glass but lead to a new level. What makes HoloLens is to create virtual elements to what we see in the real world . So you can bring up in the air a screen for video conferencing, surround your room Mine craft blocks and play with them, or simulate different visits sites.

They are a completely independent glasses that do not need to connect to your computer , and have their own version of Windows 10. To create the images, analyze the environment with four cameras and displays images in two transparent screens. It was confirmed that the Xbox One will have matches with these glasses.

For me, if you do what is promised, could really be the next technological revolution . Is expected to go along with Windows 10 during 2016, no details of the price.

Oculs Rift: getting into video games (Facebook)

The Oculus Rift glasses are purely virtual reality, that “recreate” the scenario of the game in your view . Basically you put your helmet Oculus Rift and two OLED screens (one for each eye) create your environment, replacing the real world. The system can also detect the movement of your head (for the sides) and, using a camera and some infrared leds position to detect for example if you’re ducking.

To use it requires connecting to the computer via USB (for power) and HDMI to transfer the video. And it must be powerful, with a good dedicated graphics. Regarding games, there are few in the Steam platform compatible. Most are independent and little known, but there are some heavyweights like Half Life 2. In fact, installing some drivers can play almost any game , though in a basic way.

As for his current situation, recently were purchased by Facebook , still do not know exactly for that weekend. The glasses are now sold (Development Kit 2) are a plan to stop those who make the games, prototype and cost US $ 350. Android will not know the final version, but is expected in early 2016.

Gear VR: Using mobile as a display (Samsung)

Gear VR glasses made ​​of a collaboration between Samsung and the creators of Oculus, are unique in using the mobile screen. Only need to “insert” mobile (by now a Galaxy Note 4) in glasses and choose the content that want to see. You can use it to watch videos or play 360 games , including the famous “Temple Run” in person. However, to watch movies is not ideal because it can stun if used more than 30 minutes.

Like the other spectacles, also detect the movement of your head and to control a special control, like a gamepad lifetime, which comes bundled used. Unlike other models in this list, have the advantage of already being on the market for 249 € . It is expected that a new version comes out soon to accompany the Galaxy S6.