Need a comfortable keyboard for use with the TV from your living room? I mention the best and other good alternatives. When watching movies, nothing better to do comfortable, from the sofa in your home or why not from the bed. Weapons a good media center with your computer, or Chromecast preferred set-top box, and you can already enjoy the content on the TV. But one thing is essential, you need a good wireless keyboard .

The wireless keyboard is essential because search names of movies or videos with the onscreen keyboard is tiresome. And obviously something precise touchpad, because surely do not have a firm surface close to use a common mouse. Luckily there are very good models, and doing a good analysis is the best.

wireless keyboard

Logitech K400 Plus: Comfortable, practical and robust

This keyboard Logitech complies well with all key aspects of a keyboard for the living room. First, it has built-in touchpad on the right side, which is essential especially if you want to use the computer at a distance, forgetting mouse. It is a good size, multitouch (using it in Windows) and has dedicated keys, which some (myself included) value.

What I like is that it is very convenient to use Android . This is because the function keys (F1, F2 …) are automatically set for this system functions. So no key to turn back, to see open apps, home button … It’s a detail that other keyboards do not and makes the difference.

Then, you have good ideas in their design. For example there is a button to click in the upper left corner , which makes it easier to manage to reach the keyboard with both hands. There is also the switch has to turn off when not in use and save power. Regarding this issue, use two AA batteries. Everything depends on how you use it of course, but for casual entertainment (approx 2 hours per day.) I take using a smooth straight month. Logitech promises 18 months of use , will have to wait to see such.

Following the good, the overall design is well refined, the keys are comfortable to the touch and not as stuck as other models. It feels light in the hand, with 467g and is fine with 2 mm thick. The scope is expected, 10 meters and is synchronized via a tiny USB receiver.

I think the most balanced of wireless keyboards , by weight / reach / battery life, and extra features. He could ask any more dedicated media key (has 3 volume above the touchpad), but it remains a detail. For € 39 it is the best of its kind, and that has good competition.