Currently there are some problems, whether in the field of science, technology or health, which can not be solved in an easy way by having a microscopic size. To put this solution, nanotechnology is born; this is nanobots, nanomachines and / or nanodevices microscopic or nanometer size. An exceptional value technology to operate accurately with a very small scale objects.

The nanobots around us


The term “science” is the search for principles to explain the behavior of the entities and phenomena around us, and the term “technology” refers to the study of knowledge that allow you to manipulate our environment. Thus, nanotechnology is the application of matter and nanoscale nanoscale, and use technology to create structures and devices in order to investigate phenomena at the nanoscale for the benefit of society.The Nanobots.

Nanobots are robots or nano nano-sized robots. “These nanobots are robots with a thousand times smaller than the thickness of a human hair.” They can serve many functions, such as travel inside the human body to fight certain diseases or repair organs. They are also able to perform other functions, such as cleaning the environment and sometimes, they can detect pests that can occur in it.


Nanobots have multiple applications, as already discussed in previous paragraphs. Whether working in a coordinated manner to perform tasks at the microscopic level, either as advance and support in the field of medicine, the environment and / or electronics.

1. Application Environment.

The nanobots in the field of environment are very useful for water filtration and desalination, as well as to prevent and avoid contamination, in turn, responsible for the cleanliness of the environment. In addition, there are some nanobots that together with nanoparticles and nanosensors can help preserve food.

2. Application in Medicine.

For its size are very useful to enter the body more easily and perform multiple tasks, whether they fighting cancer cells or replacing affected neurons that can be had when with diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. These nanobots and nanomachines can cure the human body of various ailments and diseases, so that nanomedicine can be applied:

• Cure skin diseases using nanobots in creams and compounds, and these can eliminate excessive oil, dead skin and also for cleaning of pores.Dental Nanorobots IIa

• For oral hygiene, such as mouthwash to toothbrushes and can contain these nanorobots to identify and fight cavities, plaque and tartar or food particles can extract and to expel them from the teeth.

• Nanodevices doctors working in the immune system and fighting looking for viruses and unwanted bacteria.

An example of the importance of this advanced technology is a DNA nanorobot created at HarvardUniversity, which instructs cancer cells to self-destruct. It is a genetic fact nanorobot capable of carrying molecules and other substances to cells that require material. It could also be programmed for finding and recognizing different cell surfaces.

Conclusions and recommendations.

Today technology is essential for various applications such as the one done in nanotechnology, using nanobots called, these robots on a microscopic scale are very important because they help solve problems so small that the human eye can not perceive ease.

While some of these nanobots are just prototypes are expected in the long term can be used as a tool to cure diseases for which, until today, has not been able to find the cure. With the help of these robots could fight diseased cells that produce these diseases and make them self-destruct. In addition to the application of these nanobots in medicine can be applied in other media such as the environment, which could be of great help to control the environmental impact. Another alternative would be helpful for people is to use them in health, either for personal hygiene and for food and nanobots that exist that are able to keep food safe.

The nanobots are helpful in preserving mankind whether our food to curing the cancer cells in the body. Whatever the application that knows how to give them to, in the coming years these microscopic robots will be a very useful tool for society and be present in our daily lives.