We show several new technologies that you can use to connect your phone to the car. Car Net MirrorLink and how do they work? What can they do? Coming up next. To connect the phone to the car usually have many technologies to the point that you can lose a little. So in this video we show two that seem the most practical and not so used: Mirror Link and the owner of Volkswagen Car Net .

the car

Mirror Link: Replicating the screen

MirrorLink is the industry standard to connect the phone directly to the car, and dates from 2009. What do you do? Replica screen smartphone in the car’s display . Something like making Chrome cast, but with the advantage that MirrorLink can use the touch controls of the car directly, making it more convenient and comfortable.

It is also easy to use, you only need to connect the phone via USB , Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Of course, this depends on your car’s compatible technologies. In the video we show as the classic apps, such as YouTube, surfing the Internet or work. All without any lag, being MirrorLink actually recommended.

Net Car: Volkswagen technology

This technology, typical of Volkswagen cars, allows different functions with an internet connection. How do you connect? Some cars let you use a SIM card, but you can share the mobile connection via Wi-Fi or using USB.

Among the possibilities are shown in the video is view the location of gas stations , the weather or the car cameras. Quite convenient, though of course more limited than Mirror Link.

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