The Simpsons predicted the Apple Vision Pro in a curious episode! check out

In yet another case that leaves fans jaw-dropped, the famous animated series The Simpsons demonstrates, once again, an incredible ability to anticipate the future by apparently predicting the launch of the highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro. The episode, titled “Friends and Family”, aired in 2016, has recently gained prominence due to its striking resemblance to the revolutionary headset of Apple virtual reality.

In the plot, tycoon Mr. Burns decides to innovate by hiring Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie to be his virtual reality family, serving as a test for a new device, which, according to fans, is a virtual reproduction of Vision Pro. The episode presents a hilarious and now strangely accurate look at how technology could impact society.

When launching the fictional device on the market, the animation surprisingly predicted the chaotic reactions of the population when adopting the gadget. Several humorous images from the episode in question recently went viral as they showed the characters from The Simpsons wearing the intrusive headsets as they walk clumsily, colliding with lampposts and falling into holes, creating a comical and, in hindsight, prophetic sight.

In The Simpsons, the characters lose track of almost everything when they embark on virtual reality.In The Simpsons, the characters lose track of almost everything when they embark on virtual reality.Source: Fox | Disney

Simpsons predicted the Apple Vision Pro

The episode appears to have captured not only the essence of the Apple Vision Pro, but also the real-life reactions of the device's users. Real-life videos and images of people using Vision Pro in public places look remarkably similar to the animated scenes almost a decade ago. X (Twitter) users, in fact, commented on the social network about the accuracy of the representation of The Simpsons by satirizing the peculiar appearance of people using Apple headsets.

The fictional creation of The Simpsons predicted not only the appearance of Vision Pro and the behavior of its users, but also ironically addressed the issue of virtual reality's invasion into everyday life. The plot addressed in a humorous way how technology can become such an integrated part of society that everyday interactions become chaotic and, at the same time, hilarious.

Interestingly, the Vision Pro, which was recently launched and sold out of its initial stock in record time, shares surprising similarities with the fictional device featured in the episode of The Simpsons. Apple's product, with a starting price of US$3,500 (almost R$17,500), offers a virtual reality experience controlled by gestures and eye movements, providing users with a variety of hyper-realistic experiences, such as concerts and other virtual interactions .

More Simpsons predictions

The famous animated series has previously stood out for predicting historical events, such as the election of Donald Trump. Another event that was seen as a prediction was the Titanic submarine disaster that occurred last year.

This latest coincidence adds yet another to the series' list of futuristic feats, leaving fans and technology enthusiasts in awe of the apparent clairvoyance of the creators of The Simpsons. If you're curious, you can watch the Friends and Family episode, the second of season 28, on Star+ streaming.

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