Thermostatic faucet: this way it helps you save a lot of energy at home

You may be wondering whether or not it is worth making an investment in this type of faucet. Logically, it is an initial expense, but, in the long run, you can save money. If you use it correctly, it has benefits that you can take advantage of in your daily life. You will reduce the consumption of your bills.

Advantages of a thermostatic faucet

But what exactly is a thermostatic faucet? Basically, it is a faucet that has the ability to pour water at the temperature you want. They will better optimize resources and are an alternative to traditional ones, where you will have to manually regulate the hot or cold water that comes out. It has advantages, as you will see.

Save energy

Without a doubt, a clear advantage is that you will save energy. You can set the temperature you want for the shower. In fact, the maximum temperature is usually 38 degrees, so you will prevent it from heating up more than necessary and consuming more energy. It is precisely by heating the water that we can spend the most energy.

Now, at what temperature should you set the thermostatic faucet? This will depend on each person, since the sensation of temperature is not the same. There are those who suffer more with warm water and those who cannot stand it being a little hot. However, in order to save, the ideal is that do not go too much than 30 degrees.

You can see some options:

It is more comfortable

Of course, using a thermostatic faucet will be more comfortable. You will be able mark the temperature you want and you won't have to manually adjust the taps. It is difficult to adjust it like this, in some cases, since the water tends to come out too hot or too cold and you have to manage it well.

With this, you simply forget about having to adjust anything. You put it at the temperature you like and that's it. It will always be stable and, unless you change it, you will not notice a difference during the entire shower.

You avoid sudden changes in temperature

Continuing with the previous advantage, another clear benefit is that you will avoid sudden temperature changes. If you set the thermostatic tap to 31 degrees, for example, the water will come out at that temperature. You won't notice that, suddenly, it goes down a lot or starts to get hotter and you have to touch the tap again.

Therefore, if you want the water to always come out at the same temperature and not worry, it is a good option to install taps of this type in your home. They will help you gain comfort and avoid sudden changes.

You avoid getting burned

Also you prevent the water from burning you. In fact, from 38 degrees or so, dermatologists avoid putting the shower water on. If most thermostatic faucets allow up to this temperature, approximately, it is one more problem that you will avoid in your daily life, so it is one more benefit.

With a traditional shower, you might suddenly find that the water is too hot. Maybe not at the beginning, but yes as the shower progresses. With a thermostatic faucet, this will not happen.

Therefore, there are different advantages when using a thermostatic faucet. You can save energy, which is the main thing, but also avoid burning yourself or gain comfort. In addition, they are very easy to install.

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