These are the 5 most recommended smart plugs of 2024

Have a smart plug, is one of the first options to start home automation of a home. They are simple, economical devices that allow you to take advantage of a wide range of functions. We are going to show you some interesting models that you can buy this year. We are going to tell you about its main features and also the link so you can buy it. They are quality devices, with which you will not have problems.

Whenever you buy devices of this type, it is essential that they are good. For example, having a plug that has a power limitation will be an inconvenience when you are going to connect a device that has high power, such as a stove. In addition, it is key to be able to control it remotely and have several options.

Recommended Wi-Fi plugs

A plug with Wi-Fi It can be interesting for controlling devices, but also useful for saving energy. You will be able to program when an appliance turns on or off, for example. This will help you reduce consumption and pay less on your electricity bill each month.

Shelly Smart Plug

The first option is this smart plug Shelly. It is considered one of the most advanced models with the best features. It has a good rating on Amazon and allows you to connect devices with up to 3500W of power. You will be able to control lights, security systems, radiators or air conditioners easily.

It has the option to monitor devices, so you'll know if you've forgotten to turn something off. This will help you save energy. It is compatible with Alexa and Google Home, plus you can customize scenarios at home. Through its mobile application, you will have great control over your devices.


An alternative is this smart plug Sonoff. We also wanted to include it in this list, since it has good features and ratings. It is a guaranteed device, which allows a power of up to 4000W. You will be able to link it, without problems, to Alexa and Google Home in your home.

It has a timer, in addition to programming the on and off of appliances. You will be able to manage all this through its mobile application. You will have greater control of your home, no matter where you are. You just need to have access to the Internet.

Amazon Smart

A classic is this smart plug Amazon Smart. It is a very popular model and has many positive reviews. It works with Alexa and allows you to control any outlet simply using your voice. In addition, you can schedule devices to turn on and off as needed.

It is very easy to configure and you can create daily routines to automate certain tasks. You will be able to plug in all types of devices without problems. From a lamp to any kitchen appliance. This offers you a wide range of options, also in order to save on your electricity bill.


The brand Meross It is one of the most popular to purchase smart devices. Logically, they also have a socket with Wi-Fi. It is another option that we want to show. You will be able to control it by voice and link it to both Alexa and Google Home to be able to correctly manage your devices.

It also has a timer, so you can save energy by better controlling when a device turns on and off. It is easy to use and has good ratings on Amazon, since it is one of the most popular.

Tp link

One more affordable smart plug we want to show is this one TP-Link Tapo P110. It is a model that has an energy monitor, so you can know, at all times, how much something that you have plugged into the power consumes. You will be able to program the on or off of any device.

It is compatible with both Alexa and Google Home. You will be able to control it by voice and its configuration and start-up is very simple. Another model that has good ratings and is in high demand.

As you can see, these are some of the best options that you can consider if you need to buy a smart plug. A series of quality devices, with features that will be useful for a home.

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