These are the advantages of having a computer with 5G

If there is something that is not missing in any computer today, it is having a Wi-Fi card. It is also common for it to have an Ethernet card, to be able to connect it by cable, although the truth is that this is not always the case. In fact, smaller computers increasingly have fewer Ethernet ports to save space. Now, something even less common is having a computer with 5G connection. But what are the advantages of having one that does?

We are going to show you why it is useful to have a computer, mainly laptop, that has the option to use 4G and 5G networks. It can be interesting in certain circumstances, so it will help you in your daily life and avoid being left offline, for example. There are positive points that should be known.

Advantages of a laptop with 5G

Having a laptop with compatibility with 4G and 5G networks means that you will be able to connect a SIM card to it. Basically, you will be able to have a connection just like a mobile phone or a tablet. It will use mobile data, so you will need to have a contracted rate and have sufficient capacity.

Internet anywhere

The first advantage is that you will be able to have Internet anywhere. Instead of depending on a portable router or sharing data with your mobile, you will simply be able to connect the SIM card and you will have Internet on your computer, either through 4G or 5G networks. You will not depend on Wi-Fi networks that may exist.

For example, if you are going on a bus or train trip and you want to have Internet at all times, you will be able to achieve it. Of course, the only thing necessary is to have mobile coverage. Nowadays, there will be a network available practically anywhere, so there should be no problems in this regard.

Backup network

You can also use the 4G and 5G option on a computer as a backup network. That is, in case there was a problem with your fiber optics, for example, you could connect this way. It is one more way to guarantee you an Internet connection at all times and be able to work without interruptions.

Complications may arise in certain cases. For example, a breakdown on the line, a specific problem with the operator, etc. Having another backup option can come in handy.

Privacy improvement

This is somewhat in line with what we mentioned about having Internet in any area. By having a 5G network, you will avoid having to use public Wi-Fi networks, which can be a problem for the security. You will have greater protection and will prevent the information you share from being exposed on the network.

It's basically like having a private network anywhere. It's as if you connected at home or from your mobile. There will not be more people on that network, nor will you have problems with possible fake networks that may exist in public places.

Risks of public Wi-Fi

More speed

Yes, sometimes it can be useful to improve the network speed. If you connect to weak Wi-Fi, you may have trouble browsing. On the other hand, if you have the option of connecting to a 5G network, it is very likely that this speed will be much higher and you will not have problems connecting to the network.

For example, it can be useful to watch streaming content in good quality, such as Netflix or YouTube. Always make sure that mobile network coverage is adequate, as if it is limited, you may have problems achieving good speeds.

In short, as you can see, it is useful to have a laptop that has 4G or 5G. It is an option to take into account, with which you can have a connection anywhere, have good speed and also greater privacy.

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