These are the reasons why OLED TVs are better for gaming than Mini LEDs

If you have an OLED TV to play on, you've probably already done your homework and know why it is and will probably always be superior to other options such as Mini LEDs for gaming. And no, we don't mean that Don't be careful if you are going to spend hundreds of hours playing with the theme of burns and retentionsbut this article is intended to be a technical article.

Simply put, we wanted to explain to you in a news article the technological reasons why a structure of self-luminous pixels such as OLED technology is superior to one with a rear light emitter, such as Mini LED televisions. Besides, with new generations of OLEDs that are yet to come, one of the advantages that LEDs had (including Mini LEDs) has disappeared (or almost completely): brightness.

Reasons that make OLED televisions superior for gaming than MiniLEDs

These are the reasons why OLED TVs are better for gaming than Mini LEDs

Well, let's start with the most basic of all and that is the differentiation between both technologies. While televisions OLEDs opt for an organic and autonomous matrix (that is, each pixel of the more than eight million that it has is capable of turning on and off individually), LED televisions and particularly the Mini LEDs, require an emitter or focus taillight to work and are usually divided into hundreds of zones which can be turned on and off at will, but not at the pixel level.

With these differences, theOLED televisions have a huge advantage in terms of contrast, since it is practically infinite, generating a unique three-dimensionality. Your weakest point? until now it was the shine, but we have already seen that The new generations will offer peaks of 3700 nits, something that already equals the best Mini LED Smart TVs. Many manufacturers, such as Sony, already show all the potential of your console with OLED televisions as standard bearers of the brand, evidencing this improvement over other technologies.

The first advantage of OLED televisions is that they do not have zones. Each pixel is an area, so its level of precision and contrast is brutal. On the other hand, the best current Mini LEDs reach figures of thousands of zones that turn on and off sets of thousands of pixels, so although they achieve really good contrast, it will never offer the same level of precision as an OLED television.also causing problems such as effect Blooming.

The second advantage We will find the OLED derived from the previous point. And it does not need to turn on and off thousands of zones in real time, something that adds delay to the signal and is the last thing we want to have in video games; therefore the input lag (the latency or delay that exists between the player's action and the time it takes to see it on the television) It is noticeably lower on an OLED television than in any Mini LED on the market.

And the more zones a Mini LED television has, the more delay it usually has, which is why many manufacturers choose to reduce the number of operating zones in Game Mode. And there we have the third advantage of OLED televisions: the image quality is practically the same in the game mode that in the cinephile modes, while in the Mini LED televisions, the game mode usually looks noticeably worsesince it has fewer areas operating to achieve a input lag lower.

Last but not least, it is true that if we spend many hours playing we could have problems with the retention and burn-in on an OLED TVsomething that is not going to happen to us (surely) with a Mini LED television, so this would be a minidot for this technology. But as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is not a technological advantage of the image, but rather it is a defect due to its abusive use.

Finally, in terms of prices, both technologies are very similar, although it is true that lately most manufacturers are betting more and more on OLED and QD-OLED technology in its latest generation monitors and we practically do not find MiniLED models in this field.

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