These smart devices are perfect for home automation beginners

For example, they could be ideal options if you want to give a gift to an elderly relative, who is not too into home automation. You will see that there are very useful options that people of all ages could use without too many difficulties. The only thing that is always necessary is to have an Internet connection.

Simple home automation devices

With these devices, you will be able to have greater control of your home. You will be able to activate or deactivate devices, automate tasks or even improve security. Something essential is to obtain more information, so home automation is going to be very useful in many cases in which you need to know more.

smart plugs

Without a doubt, a clear example of a simple home automation device is having a plug with Wi-Fi. You will be able to turn on or off appliances, know how much energy they are consuming and, all of this, without needing to have a state-of-the-art device. You will be able to control, for example, an old stove.

These types of devices are very economical. You can find them for less than €10 without problems. Of course, we recommend that you purchase one with guarantees, that really helps you in your daily life and does not start to malfunction.

Bulbs with Wi-Fi

The smart bulbs, they are also a perfect option for beginners in home automation. There are many models and they usually do not have any difficulty. You can control them through a mobile application, from which you will be able to regulate the intensity of the light, as well as turn them on or off at any time.

Some models allow you to control them through voice. There are even light bulbs that have a built-in sensor to turn on or off depending on whether they detect presence in a room. Very useful to save energy.

You can see some smart bulbs:

smart speaker

A classic are the smart speakers. You will be able to use Alexa with them and control the on and off of other devices, play music, ask questions and obtain information, etc. The range of options they allow is very wide and, in addition, it is easy for anyone to use.

Do you need a latest generation model? The truth is that, if you need something basic to get started, you don't have to make a large financial investment. You will be able to use this technology without having to make a large financial outlay.


Smart sensors There are many types and, in general, they are quite easy to use. Basically, you just have to place them in the right place and start receiving information through a mobile application. You will have many alternatives and, furthermore, most of them are quite affordable.

Some examples of simple smart sensors are the following:

  • Temperature and humidity
  • Motion
  • Open door and window detector
  • Air quality
  • Water

smart doorbell

There are models that are very easy to install. You simply have to put it on the door of your house and, without the need for cables, you can connect it to the interior. This way, you can know who is calling, see through a camera or even record a short video to know who called if you have been absent.

Therefore, we consider it to be another home automation device that can be very useful for beginners. You don't need to have extensive experience and you can also have greater control over the door of your house, to know who is ringing the doorbell.

As you can see, these are some options that you can consider if you need simple home automation devices, ideal for beginners. You don't need to spend a lot of money, nor do you need to configure anything that is complex.

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