These smart devices have a hidden double utility

The home automation devices They are increasingly present in our homes. We have a wide range of options, such as sensors, devices to control temperature, speakers that you can manage by voice, etc. However, there are models that can have a hidden double function. We are going to talk to you about some of them and explain exactly how they work. You will see that they are very simple.

Having a smart home does not necessarily involve a large financial outlay. In addition, you will be able to use devices that may have more than one function, as we are going to explain. That will help you save money and space. Of course, it is important that you use them correctly and not make mistakes.

Devices with hidden camera

But what devices can have a Hidden Camera? We can name different options. For example, you can have a lightbulb smart that also has an integrated camera. You can place it wherever you want and it will also act as a surveillance camera, so you can see what is happening in your home.

You may also find the option of purchasing a smart smoke detector, that you can control via Wi-Fi, that has an integrated camera. Like the light bulb case, you can place it wherever you need and have access to additional security recording, just like a traditional IP camera.

There are more similar cases, such as smart speakers that have an integrated security camera, watches that have an alarm and camera, or even robot vacuum cleaners smart ones that will also have an integrated camera. The range of options is very wide and, as you can see, you can use home automation with a double function.

However, the quality of the devices is not always the same. If you really need a device of this type, beyond using it correctly, it is important that it is of quality and really useful.

Control home automation well

On the other hand, controlling home automation correctly is important. We are not only talking about these specific devices, but also about any light bulb, smart plug or sensor you have at home. If you don't have them well configuredcould pose a problem for your privacy or security, since they are devices connected to the network.

Something essential that you should keep in mind is to purchase home automation devices that are of quality and reliable. You can always see comments and ratings from other users. There will be someone who, before you, has bought that device and can report on whether it is something reliable or, on the contrary, you should avoid buying it.

It will also be key that you have it Updated successfully. Otherwise, you could have security problems. If it has a vulnerability, an attacker could exploit that flaw and control your device, spy on you, and even sneak malware. Therefore, installing the latest version of the firmware available is key.

In short, you can use home automation devices that have the double function of a surveillance camera. We have given some examples, but there are more similar devices. You need to always have Internet, so you may have to fix problems with Wi-Fi.

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