This Google change affects you if you use this type of passwords

In order to log in to an online service or use applications, in many cases you have the option of log in with your Google account. This is more convenient, you save time and you simply log in with this data. However, this could be short-lived for many applications. Google is going to implement a major change and it may affect you. However, there is an option to avoid being locked out of certain applications.

The reason for this change is the security. Google does not want you to use applications that are not secure and that may be linked to its service. An option that will allow you to avoid problems, in case there is a leak and an attacker could access your account without permission.

Google won't support insecure password apps

This change will arrive in September of this year. Therefore, you have time ahead of you to to make changes. If you use any app or service that requires a Google username and password, you may lose access after that date. This would happen if Google considers that application to be unsafe.

We can name some examples, such as email clients that accept the Google username and password, calendar applications, etc. Those that Google considers to be unsafe will stop working in this way. You could not continue using the access code as before.

Now, an important factor is to mention that Google supports OAuth for authentication. If the affected apps and services also support OAuth, users can switch to this authentication method to continue using their Google Account. In that case, there would be no problems from September onwards.

There have already been services that have switched to this method. An example is Thunderbird, which already supports 0Auth authentication. It is an open authentication protocol and allows you to log in without having to enter a password. This protects you from third-party applications and services.

In principle, most applications will allow you to switch to 0Auth. However, in other cases it will not be possible. That is when there will be a problem to continue using those services that Google is now going to begin to consider insecure.

Create app passwords

One option you have is to create app passwords. It is a service that is available on Google. To do this, you have to log in with your account, go to Security, enter Two-Step Authentication and go down to Application Passwords. You have to put a name, to identify that key, and generate it.

Create app password

It's a quick and easy process. We recommend that you always use passwords that are reliable, that have letters, numbers and other symbols, in addition to always being random. Never use passwords on multiple services at the same time, as this will be a major security issue.

In short, if you use services or applications that Google will consider insecure, you may have problems logging in. You will always find alternatives, such as creating a password for those applications. You are always at risk of a Keylogger attack, so it is important to maintain system security.

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