This is how cybersecurity is improving thanks to AI

The Informatic security has also been affected by the Artificial intelligence, both positively and negatively. Different techniques have appeared that use this technology to steal passwords, personal data or take control of devices. However, in this article we are going to focus on the good side. Let's talk about how AI is helping to improve cybersecurity. It offers innovative solutions that come in handy to enhance network protection.

We must take into account that we have every time more connected devices to the network and that can make hackers more likely to succeed. They can launch campaigns against computers, mobile phones, as well as many other home automation devices that are part of our daily lives. To avoid these threats, certain precautionary measures must be taken.

AI improves security

But how is Artificial Intelligence improving security? A clear example is against the dynamic attacks. For example, an antivirus is based on a database of threats that it is capable of detecting. When those attacks change, they could struggle, at least in the short term. AI uses machine learning algorithms to analyze large sets of data to detect anomalies.

This will allow them to detect threats that are evolving. They will identify attack vectors through continuous learning, so they will be able to strengthen defenses and thus prevent the entry of malware. Basically, they will have much more information, and they will use it better, in the event of hypothetical attacks.

Another improvement is that it is reducing the amount of false positives. It has a greater ability to analyze behavior and differentiate legitimate activity from malicious intent. By having advanced behavioral analysis, you will be able to better detect when it may be a false positive and thus avoid problems.

Additionally, AI helps improve online security by continually assessing risks. It can analyze user behaviors, network traffic or even vulnerabilities that may exist in the system. All this will provide greater protection, to know how to act as soon as possible. Responding quickly to security incidents is essential.

Protect the security of devices outside the home

You are your greatest protection

However, despite the help of AI, as well as other security programs you use, the main thing to protect yourself is yourself. Common sense, avoiding making mistakes, will be key to not falling into threats of all kinds. A clear example is the Phishingwith which they will try to steal your passwords.

Always check everything you do on the Internet, as well as the programs you install. Always make sure you are adding software from official sources, otherwise you will have limitations in both performance and security. Never install apps from third-party sources.

On the other hand, you should have updated devices. This will help you eliminate possible vulnerabilities, which can be an entry point for cybercriminals. Check that you have all the patches installed, both on the system and on any application you use.

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