What should be a good laptop for school?

Will not be long for the start of classes, and therefore is in primary school, high school or college, laptops are increasingly used. And they are comfortable to take notes, do practical work or find the information you need without having to go to the library Long time. It may seem that any portable served, but there are certainly more comfortable to use in a classroom than other models. Here I will explain what you should keep in mind to choose the best. Lets talk about the best laptop for students 2015 – 2016.

best laptop for students

The most important thing to keep in mind

The key with these laptops is that you bring to your place of study every day. probably accompanied by notes, a notebook, folder, etc. Therefore, it is essential to be light , between 1 and 2 Kg for not doing finish you hurt your back. Sure, it’s not the same if you are driving to cycling or walking, but either way you will have to transport it often, and with a large team is uncomfortable.

Another important detail that is compact , with a screen size of preferably less than 14 inches . Not only to not fence weight, also because the desk / table where you go to sit not going to be very big and this good place you have left to support a notebook or a book. Not to mention if you have to share a table with someone else. In short, where you study you will not have the same comfort as the desktop of your home.

The more resistant best . I do not say yes or yes premium materials (ultrabooks are expensive, I know) but at least with a little plastic quality. When transporting long may suffer, every so often, a slight bump and that eventually it will break you. Especially the damage seen in the hinges and in the area of the air outlet. You also can not be ruled out that some reckless in your course that gives a blow to the past, or the classic companion to lend and it is not as well as you.

The last feature that I consider fundamental, is the battery life. You will not always have an outlet handy so your best bet is a model that will last at least five hours . And many laptops, including economic ranges, take that long, so there is no excuse. As an additional recommendation, lend him some attention to the quality of the touch pad. It is often used in places with little space and rely on a touch pad shoddy makes you work slower. I mention this because many do not pay attention until they buy and surprise lead.

It also depends a bit of use

Weight, strength, size and battery, that’s what I consider essential in a laptop to study. However depending on the application you need much hardware as it is not the same use for a graphic design career that only take a few notes. In general, one should not lose i3 processor, 4GB of RAM and a 500GB , mostly for any application you use will no problem. Sure, if you need heavier as the latest 3DS Max software requirements are higher. So, check the specifications of the programs you need to run your career.