This is the cable of your router that you should take more care of or you will have connection problems

If you look at your router, you will see that there are several cables connected. You may have an Ethernet cable (RJ45) to connect computers, television and other devices, as well as the electrical current cable, the RJ11, which is the one that connects to the telephone line, and also the fiber connector optics, which is commonly known as hose.

Take care of your router's patch cord

The normal thing is that you have an SC type patch cord, which stands for Subscriber Connector. It is a cable that you will see with green finishes and connects to both the router and the Internet rosette. It is a fairly thin cable and it is essential that it is in perfect condition, otherwise you could have problems.

This fiber optic cable It is essential for your connection. A common mistake is having it bent, pinched by furniture, or even the connector may deteriorate if you do not use it correctly. Be careful not to pull by mistake. The latter can happen if, for example, you hook your foot when you get up and the cable is not securely attached to the wall, if you move a piece of furniture or the router itself.

You should never place things on top of this cable. In some cases, to hide it, people tend to put something on top. This can damage the cable and we recommend that you avoid it. It is best that you have it on the wall, securely fastened in some way, and that it cannot accidentally get caught on something.

Besides, you shouldn't bend it. It is another common failure. You may want to roll it up so it takes up less space, for example. However, this could damage it and cause it to work worse or even stop working altogether, either in the short term or over time as you use the connection more.

Take care of the fiber optic patch cord

Keep everything clean

As it is, it is essential that you take care of this fiber cable of your router. It is essential and having it damaged can mean loss of speed or connection. You must also take care of the rest of the cables, but this is especially the one that you have to have in perfect condition to avoid problems.

Besides, keep everything clean It is essential. We are not only referring to the router cables, but to the device itself. Avoid accumulating dust, as this will gradually damage the components of the device. Additionally, this can cause it to overheat and get stuck or have trouble providing a good connection. It may be the reason why the router keeps turning off.

In short, taking care of the router is very important and it is essential to take special care of the fiber optic cable or patch cord. It is a sensitive cable, which must always be in perfect condition. Don't bend it, don't put anything on it, or give it a hard tug when you have to disconnect it.

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