This is the time before you can turn off your vitro and save a lot, according to IDAE

When cooking, it is one of the moments in which we can spend the most energy. In the kitchen, there are appliances that have high consumption. We can name examples such as the oven or the ceramic hob. In this article, we are going to focus on the latter case. Let's talk to you about when could you turn off the vitro, when cooking, so that consumption decreases. This can help you pay less on your bill each month.

This is known as residual heat. That is, when you turn off the vitro, it will maintain the temperature for a while longer. You don't turn it off and it suddenly goes cold. It is the same thing that happens with a radiator, when using air conditioning or any similar device that rises to regulate the room temperature.

Turn off the ceramic hob first

According to IDAE, the optimal time to turn off the ceramic hob before finishing heating the food is between 5 and 10 minutes. It will depend on what you are cooking, how long you have had it on before and, also, the appliance you use. However, you can get a rough idea with that time.

What do you get with this? Basically, save energy. As soon as you turn off the ceramic hob, it stops consuming electricity. It's the same as if you unplugged a stove from the socket or turned off anything. But of course, it will continue to emit heat for a while. That is the residual heat, which we mentioned previously.

You can also choose to lower the temperature, if you think it is not good for you, turn it off suddenly. In some cases, it may be interesting to lower the level and, shortly after, turn it off completely. This will help you continue cooking correctly, but avoid consuming electricity that you don't need.

The savings will depend on different factors, such as the consumption of that vitro. Of course, whether more or less, you will always save. After all, you are completely turning off an appliance that, if turned on, would consume a lot. The longer it can stay off, the better.

Heat water in the microwave or ceramic hob

Do it on other devices

Beyond applying this advice when using the ceramic hob, you can also do it with other appliances. For example, you could turn off the oven before finishing heating the food. Also, by turning it off a few minutes before, you will stop consuming electricity. You can save on your electricity bill, thanks to the residual heat.

The same also in a heating or air conditioning. If you are going to leave the house or go to sleep, don't wait until the last minute to turn off the heating. What you can do is turn it off 1 or 2 hours before and take advantage of the residual heat. Of course, make sure that you have good thermal insulation and that cold air does not enter from outside.

With small details like this one that we mentioned, you can save a lot each month. You can make your devices consume less energy, without it being a problem for cooking or heating the house. Residual heat, key to the goal of paying less money each month. It is one of the tricks to save when cooking that you can easily apply.

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