This new feature on Amazon's Fire TV will make your life much easier

The Amazon Fire TV in its different versions is one of the most used devices to convert any television into a Smart TV. And it is not surprising, since it offers very good features with a really reasonable price. Especially when we find it on sale on days like Prime Day or Black Friday. But Amazon also has models for all tastes, from the super-cheap Fire TV Stick to the most powerful Fire TV Cube. Given its success, It is normal for the online sales giant to constantly make changes to its operating system.

And one of the latest changes announced for the Fire TV system is going to be very well received by users. According to those responsible for the project, they are constantly looking for solutions to make it easier for the user to return to their favorite shows and movies. As well as finding a new recommendation that matches your tastes. For all these reasons, they are launching the new “Continue Watching” row for the Fire TV home screen. Thanks to this new feature, when we turn on our device we will see this new row at the top of the home screen.

What is the new “Continue Watching” feature on Fire TV for?

The new function “Continue Watching” on Fire TV will allow us to continue where we left off in that series or movie that we had to stop at some point certain. Until now, when we had stopped watching some content, whether it was an episode or a movie, in some of the streaming applications that the device includes, we had to enter the application in question to see what we had left pending. This meant having to remember, first, what content we were watching, and second, what platform we were watching it on. This, which may seem silly, is not so much with the amount of things we carry in our heads today.

new continue watching feature on Fire TV

What Amazon intends with the new “Continue Watching” function is to place this section, so common on streaming platforms, on the device's main screen. Thus, As soon as we turn on the Fire TV we will see what we had left pending and we can continue watching it just by clicking on the content. Thus, we will not have to remember which platform that series or movie that we left halfway was on, since the device will open the corresponding application.

Yes indeed, At the moment this new function is only compatible with some applications. As Amazon itself has commented in its official blog, the “Continue Watching” feature will be available on Prime Video, of course, but also on Max, STARZ, MGM+ and Amazon Freevee. As we said, the idea is that we spend less time searching and more time viewing the content. Beyond what we left “in the middle”, This functionality also includes playing the next episode of that series that we are watching.

Amazon has commented that the function “Continue watching” will progressively reach all devices and countries in the form of an update. So to enjoy it, the first thing we will have to do is make sure that we have the Fire TV updated to the latest version. If this is the case and the function has already arrived in our country, when we open a compatible application, a wizard will appear to customize whether or not we want to see the content of that application in the new section of the main screen. If we previously accepted the “Continue Viewing” feature and other personalization features, then no further action is required from us.

Currently, there are not many applications that include this new function (even less if we take into account that some of them are not available in Spain), but Amazon assures that in the coming months they will add many more series and movies from other streaming applications. With this new Fire TV functionality, finding and playing our favorite content will be much easier and faster.

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