This operator wants you to use 5G instead of fiber, these are their reasons

5G Internet at home

To navigate Internet at homeCurrently the most common thing is to use fiber optics. It came to replace ADSL, at least in many homes, and offers much higher speeds. However, there is also the alternative of using mobile data, through 4G and, especially, 5G. There is an operator that has opted quite heavily for the latter and we are going to explain to you what its advantages are and if we are really headed to use this technology.

Is about Verizon, one of the most important Internet operators in the United States. For a few years now, it has put a lot of effort into trying to get its users to switch to 5G at home. This may give us a clue as to what we can expect in the coming years, as other operators could join in.

5G to use Internet at home

Anyone can connect to 5G at home, as long as there is coverage, and even use it on the computer. You can share data from your mobile, as well as use a portable router. However, in the case of Verizon, what they do is have specific home Internet rates that use 5G.

Already in 2018, Verizon launched a bet on what it called residential 5G. At first, this was available only to some users. Little by little it has been expanding it and, in addition, there is greater coverage in more places. Basically, it uses the same technology that we can see in mobile phones, but applied to the home Internet.

It is necessary to have a router with sim card, to be able to receive 5G signal. The router connects to the nearest antennas and captures the signal, in the same way that a mobile phone would. Keep in mind that 5G has better indoor coverage compared to 4G. In many cases, the speed can even be much higher than the contracted fiber optics.

What some providers in the United States are doing, such as Verizon, is offering 5G speed at home of up to 1 Gbps. Without a doubt, it competes fully with fiber optics and provides certain advantages. As we are going to show, there are some positive points that can push users to opt for it.

Change router for a 5G one

Advantages of having Internet with this technology

One of the advantages is when installing the router. The facility It will be easier than with fiber optics, since you will not worry about cables and where you place it. You will have greater flexibility to achieve good speed when connecting devices to the network. Setup is also simple and requires nothing additional.

In addition, it can be very useful in areas where fiber optics do not reach or even where not all operators offer low rates. You will be able to have greater flexibility by using 5G connections, with which you could forget about certain difficulties in having a fast connection in your home.

A key difference between the most common 5G rates on mobile phones and those more oriented to homes, such as those from Verizon, is that no data limit. You will be able to consume everything you need, just as you would with fiber optics or ADSL. Therefore, you will not be limited to specific data or speed drops.

Therefore, will it be common in Spain to see 5G rates for homes? Can it really be a substitute for fiber optics? It is clear that it has certain advantages, but in the short term it seems that it is an option that operators take into account.

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