This type of VPN can never help you browse safely.

Installing a VPN is an option on both mobile devices and computers. It is used to navigate more safely on public networks, avoid geographic blocks or modify the IP. However, it is essential that you use applications that are truly reliable. You could have a program that will compromise your personal data and the operation of your computer. Therefore, we are going to tell you what type of VPN should you avoid Always install, if you don't want security problems.

You will find free and paid VPNs. You will also see applications for mobile or PC, but there is the option to install a browser extension. In all cases, you can run into problems if you choose a bad VPN. You can expose your personal data, allow browsing information to be stolen, or notice that the connection is going very poorly.

Avoid VPN without guarantees

Our advice, what we recommend that you always avoid, is that you do not install VPNs that are not 100% secure. That is, do not install programs that you have found on the Internet for free, without being able to know with complete certainty if they are really reliable or, on the contrary, could be a problem for your privacy.

It does not necessarily mean that this program was created maliciously, but it could have vulnerabilities. It could be a VPN that does not have good encryption, for example, and that will mean that all the information you share on the network could be exposed and stolen by third parties.

Mainly, a Insecure VPN It is the one that is free. Although a free program of this type is not necessarily going to be dangerous, the truth is that, among the insecure ones, the majority are in this group. Ultimately, one way to earn revenue is through browsing data. They can collect information about everything you do and sell it to third parties.

Therefore, our advice is that you always choose VPN applications that are guaranteed, reliable and about which you can find information on the Internet. If possible, choose services that have received an external audit, as this provides greater reliability and will have corrected errors that they may have found. You can use reliable services like Surfshark or NordVPN.

Differences between a good and bad VPN

Not enough to keep you safe

Something very important that you should always keep in mind is that it is not enough to have a VPN to maintain your security. That is, a good VPN can be useful for encrypt the connection and avoid problems when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network, for example. However, that does not mean that they cannot sneak viruses into you or steal your passwords through Phishing attacks.

What you should do to avoid problems is to always install a good antivirus. This will help you detect security threats and remove malicious files that could be a problem. Of course, make sure you are using software that is good and really serves to improve security.

On the other hand, having the updated devices It's going to be essential. In many cases, vulnerabilities may appear that will compromise your data. Check that they have the latest version and that will also make them work better.

As you can see, choosing a good VPN is essential. It can be useful for safely having Wi-Fi on vacation, but also for accessing platforms that may be blocked. Always choose reliable services.

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