This way they can sneak in a fake application without you knowing; protect yourself

A fake application can be of many types. It could be a program to edit videos, view photos, social networks, messaging… They can even be modifications or add-ons for other programs that are legitimate. Hackers could create malicious software to scam you.

How fake programs get in

The goal should be to avoid downloading applications that are going to be a fraud. It is key to carefully control where you download software from, how you update it or not fall into the trap of cybercriminals. As you will see, there are different methods that could be used against you to deceive you online.

Downloads from unofficial sources

Without a doubt, a very common cause of coming across fake applications is downloading them from unofficial sources. For example, you may have downloaded them from a third-party site, a link you see on a website, etc. Since it is not an official platform, they will not pass a security filter.

It is best that you always download programs from official sources, such as the application's own website or application stores, such as Google Play, where they will undergo a prior filter. This way, you guarantee that you are installing a reliable program and you will not compromise your security and privacy.

Links that come to you by email or SMS

Mention must also be made of the links that could reach you through an e-mail or an SMS to your mobile. Hackers could scam you through these means. They may tell you that you need to install something to solve a supposed problem, install a program to improve some service, etc.

You should never download programs or files that arrive this way. It could be a Phishing attack, so it is a widely used method to steal passwords and personal data. Once again, it is best to download programs from legitimate sources, where you will not have problems.

Errors when receiving SMS on mobile

Alleged interesting offers

This method is widely used to try to deceive on the Internet. They can make you believe that you are facing a alleged offer, when really it is a strategy so that you end up downloading a fake application that will put your security at risk. These offers can come through social networks, WhatsApp, etc.

Like supposed offers, they could make use of strategies with prizes that you have won, raffles, etc. They will always try to get your attention with something that is beneficial to you. Never install a program through these means, to obtain a supposed advantage, as it could be very negative.

Fake updates

Have the updated applications, it is important to avoid security problems. However, you should always update them from official sites and make sure that the file you are going to install is legitimate. Fake updates, which can appear when browsing, are another strategy to sneak malware into your hands.

When updating the system, just as you would when installing a program, you should always do it from official sites. Be careful not to click on ads that appear, as that could pose a significant risk of installing something that is actually fake.

Therefore, these are some methods they can use to sneak fake applications into your hands. It is essential that you take measures to increase security and avoid making mistakes. It is important to prevent identity theft on the Internet, something that is also achieved by installing only legitimate software.

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