Passwords for our network often help us to maintain a certain level of privacy and restricted to strangers or neighbors willing to steal the speed of your Internet browsing. If you do not normally occupy the network and now, you are interested to find wifi Password in windows 7 . You may also be interested in how to use my iPhone as a wireless router.

Tips to Find WiFi Password in Windows 7


  • Go to the icon Windows 7 on your Start bar and then select ‘Control Panel’.
  • In the new window, select ‘Network and Internet’.
  • Go to ‘Center Network and Sharing’
  • Already within ‘Center Network and Sharing’, go to the ‘Manage wireless networks’.

In this new window all wireless connections you’ve ever used must appear. Look for the network that interests you figure out password and click on it twice. Click on the Security tab and then select Show characters. In doing so the password for your WiFi network no longer displayed encrypted and will be visible.

You need

  • A computer with Windows 7 operating system
  • This article has a comment that can help you

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