After the sneak peek from Android to Windows, it’s time to raise awareness about security. Malware in general exclusively Windows in particular no longer own viruses. Malicious software on Android exists and is a lot. We bring some basic recommendations to get your Android terminal safer.

 Android safe

Always on Google Play

The network is flooded with APKs that offer us downloads of all kinds. These types of downloads do not offer any type of guarantee since they are not backed by companies, like Google. Therefore, there is no way to know that the content we introduce in our Android is not malicious.

The Play Store has had security problems, in the form of viruses and Trojans, is a reality. Also a reality as soon as they are detected, is eliminated. In addition, the number of infected files are minority within the official stores, while in the unverified webs are quite common. Even for comparison, it is better to stay in the Play Store.

Download security patches

Google takes the security of the terminals carrying their software very seriously. That is why, since 2015 has been releasing monthly security patches where the threats are being updated. In its latest security report Google claims that the Trojans found have fallen by more than 50% in the past year. It is quite likely that those monthly patches have something to do.

As a rule, an updated system will always be more prepared to deal with recent threats, as it has recent information on new types of attacks or protocols of action. If we do not want to be aware of each security patch, we can always enable automatic updates on the mobile.

Take care of public WiFi networks

Yes, it’s true that riding the 4G down the street for a long time is a bummer, because it takes a lot of battery power and data. Therefore, many people seek to connect to the public networks they find. However, this need is known by the pirates, who create false public networks for us to connect and from there access to our computer. Surely if we are inside a known venue, such as a Starbucks or a hotel, we will have no problem. Also, make sure that the employees themselves tell you the name of the network.

Bluetooth off or invisible

Whenever we are not using a wireless headset or are connected to the car, it is better to have the bluetooth turned off or invisible. The bluetooth connection also opens a way for hackers to enter our device. It is true that it is not a highly probable threat, but prevention is better than cure. In addition, a very simple gesture does not take away functionalities for the mobile.

Download Antivirus

It is true that these programs are not as popular as they are in Windows, but the truth is that they work quite well. Also, do not slow down the terminal as it does many times with computer antivirus. We can have them ignited as a safeguard in cases for when we do not follow some of the above advice.

Finally, they are usually free, so you do not have to make an investment, as happens with PC antivirus. With these security tips, the chances of having the mobile exposed to threats are reduced. Do not hesitate to comment on your doubts about it, if you lack some advice that you want to add.