More specifically for those passionate about winter sports like skiing nine forecasts are already a constant in the mountainous terrain and different seasons gear up for the season. Do you want to secure a good weekend ski? You want to catch one offer to save the maximum possible. Then you are interested in these applications. Maybe it is a truism but whether it will do good or bad weekend vacation can help other than a complete failure. For this there are hundreds of applications although is one of the most complete.


In addition, not only because it includes detailed weather information and forecasts for the entire territory but because it has specific information of 1,586 ski resorts around the world and specific parts of snow in the case of stations. You just have to display the menu and stop by the section for this information. Here you can see all the information in a clear and detailed can make specific searches for the station to be visited.

If you have seen time and have decided when to approach the nearest station and there is only one bid for the plan to be round. In this application, you can find offers of accommodation and ski passes to save a few on the break. It is knowing all reviews from other users scanning beforehand accommodation facilities and hiring the service from the application. However, it is an application as complete for ski lovers. In addition, it has weather information for all stations. Furthermore, in its menu you can access the cameras of different clues to the state of the snow and the station in real time.

Ski Tracks

Once that is already on the mountain, it touches is enjoy and show off. To do this application allows record all activity on the slopes. From measuring, the altitude to the speed achieved and the distance traveled. Even chairlift rises remain for posterity in the detailed report of this application.

In addition, even go over routes conducted along the railway thanks to the relocation of the terminal. In addition, it works with smart watches to help check everything done without removing the mobile roll. Of course, it has options to share on social networks. Now, you must remember to keep the active app and keeping all this activity.

Whistle Camera

We know that if you do not take pictures of the moment is as if you had not lived. However, how do you capture these snapshots with gloves and cold? This application allows you to capture photos of three different ways with the usual trigger with the volume button that is usually located on the side of the terminal or most comfortable of all with a whistle. As it detects sound triggers the camera. All this can previously set a timer. It also allows to record videos to shake the terminal.

The application Whistle Camera is available free in both Google Play Store and App Store.


It is an almost mandatory for anyone going to the mountain. With it, you can come into direct contact with emergency equipment and rescue pressing a button. The application collects data such as altitude speed of movement and exact position of the user to send to the rescue team. In addition, it is able to collect the entire travel user so far to indicate more easily where it is or how he got there.