Toshiba Satellite laptops can be restored to factory conditions some ways. The simplest is to acquire the Toshiba recovery discs in case you have not come with the computer. From mid-2007 onwards, Toshiba stopped including recovery discs with new laptops. Hidden on the hard drive that contains the same files that can be found in a recovery disc fulfills the same function partition.


Make sure the power cord is plugged in. Do not turn off or restart the computer during the restore process.

Toshiba Satellite

Hold the power button for 10 seconds to turn off the laptop Toshiba Satellite.

Hold down the “0” (zero) key on the keyboard while you press the power button to start the computer. When the laptop starts to beep, stop pressing the “0” key.

Select “Yes” to continue with the restoration of the system when the warning screen prompted. Select “Recovery Program Setup Defaults”.

Select “Recover the State Out-of-the-Box” and click “Next”. Click “Next” again to start the recovery.

Change the loading sequence of your peripherals-units disk, CD, hard disk, network, USB- from the home screen of the BIOS. To start your laptop from the recovery discs you have to change the loading sequence, which normally starts with the hard disk.

Start your computer. Depending on the model of your laptop Satellite, access your BIOS screen immediately and repeatedly pressing the “F8”, “F5” or “Delete” (“Delete”) key on your keyboard .

Use the arrow keys or the “+” and “-” keys on your keyboard to navigate the screen until the correct setting is highlighted, as “Device Home”. Changes the order of the devices, putting the unit of CD first if you want to boot from the recovery CD.

Turn off your computer once the boot process has started from the unit CD.

Start your computer and follow the indications of recovery disks to restore your computer Satellite to factory conditions.

Tips and Warnings

*You can create a recovery disc to reinstall your data using the process outlined in the “section Backup and Recovery “Control Panel.
*All information will be deleted from your hard drive if you restore your computer to factory conditions, and all programs that were added will have to be reinstalled.