True Detective: the bizarre real cases that inspired season 4

The anthology True Detective (2014) returns to HBO in its best form: a police investigation surrounded by tension, mystery and the occult. With the subtitle Night Landthe fourth season brings references to the production's past stories and even bizarre cases inspired by real life!

While the episodes premiere every week until February 25th, the plot of season 4 unfolds around two initially isolated casesbut with surprising connections.

The first involves scientists missing from a research station in frigid Alaska, found frozen in a colossal block of ice. The second is the cold case of the brutal murder of Annie K, an Iñupiat woman.

The inspirations for Issa López's plot can be as scary as what appears on streaming screens, including the Dyatlov Pass and “walled-in” woman incidents. Find out more below!

Dyatlov Pass Incident

In 1959, a group of experienced students led by Igor Dyatlov faced a tragic fate on the Ural roller coasters. What began as an adventure turned into a baffling nightmare that became known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident.

The Russian government's investigation never provided clear evidence about what had happened in the incident.The Russian government's investigation never provided clear evidence about what had happened in the incident.Source: HBO/Disclosure

When setting up camp at the foot of the Kholat Syakhl mountain, also called the dead mountain, something mysterious forced the young people to cut the tent from the inside and flee to a nearby forest, devoid of suitable clothing in temperatures below -25°C.

The scenario became even more macabre when the rescue found the bodies scattered with strange injuriessuch as skull fractures, missing eyes and tongues.

The official Soviet conclusion left the case without a plausible solution for decades. In 2019, Swiss scientists proposed a plate avalanche as an explanation for the deaths.

The Murder of Annie Le

The brutal murder of Annie Le in 2009 echoes the plot of the series. Animal research technician Raymond Clark III has been charged with the attempted rape and strangulation murder of the Yale University graduate student.

Raymond was convicted of Annie Le's death.Raymond was convicted of Annie Le's death.Source: AP/g1/Editing: Bianca Seabra

The crime was made more shocking by the fact that Anne Lee was found in the plaster of the wall from one of Yale's laboratories. You bet: the coincidence of names and the connection to a research laboratory add intriguing layers to the fourth season of True Detective.

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