After centuries overwhelmed by lots of static paper maps, harmful to the environment, navigation technology took a giant leap into the modern age with the advent of electronically stored maps. Now you can not only plot the best route from your home to every place with wireless Internet in your country, but Google Maps allows you to float virtually the entire planet through satellite images, instead of just to the edges of a square paper map.

google map

However, the question of how to use this technology on the street (equipped only with a laptop without internet access) has hit the great mass of people who do not have a GPS. Fortunately, the solution only requires a little preparation and forethought before leaving the comfort of your Wi-Fi cloud.Instructions

1. Charge your laptop. Nothing will ruin your plans faster Internet access to surf the loud beep warning you of your computer that is 10 percent of the battery power. Consider carrying an extra battery if you have one.

2. Loads the map you want to access when you’re not connected to Internet in This could involve finding that difficult place to find or plotting your route using the function address Google Maps . Use multiple windows or browser tabs if you need more than a map.

3. Centra Google Maps in the area you need to see when you have Internet access. Google Maps will store some of the surrounding area in the memory of your computer, but not all.

4. Make an approach to obtain a more detailed map if you need to see the side streets, rather than the overview of the main roads.

5. Scroll on Google Maps to the area you less familiar, if you use the program for long or complicated directions. Instead, use the addresses listed to the left of the map to remember the main intersections and exits of existing roads in areas that can navigate many indications.

Leaving Internet

1. Keep windows open your browser. Put your laptop in sleep or hibernation if you need to save battery power before using Google Maps .

2. Avoid accidentally click a link in an ad on the page or press the back button after the internet connection is gone. If your browser tries to load something without an active connection, you may not be able to regain the Google map with which you were leading.

3. Scroll back to the area you were charged if the map accidentally goes flying into the Arctic Ocean. If you can return to it, the details of this zone should remain in the memory of your computer.

4. Check the mailing list if you are using Google Maps on the road, even if the full map of your route is not saved.

Tips and Warnings

This also works on your phone with Google Maps on and offline. However, unlike the program in a computer, the application will continue to report phone you’ve lost the internet connection. Just close the dialog box without closing the application.