Put things in your head, learning them by heart, without needing to be more and more slaves of computers and his answers to everything. This was stated by the semiotics Umberto Eco, in a letter to his grandson and published. The invitation is to use the technology, without neglecting the exercise of memory: memorizing a song a day and exercise, because the Internet can not replace the knowledge nor the computer in our brain.


It is true that if you get the desire to know who he was or where Charlemagne is not Kuala Lump You have only to press a few buttons and the Internet tells you immediately. Do it when you need it, but after that you did try to remember what you’ve been told not to be forced to look for a second time if by chance you will come the urge, perhaps to a research school. The risk is that, because you think your computer you can tell him all the time, you lose the taste of milometer head. It would be a little as if, having learned that to go from street to street This At other times, there are bus or metro that allow you to move effortlessly (which is handy and go ahead whenever you’re in a hurry) you think so you no longer need to walk. But if you do not walk enough to become then “challenged”, as we say today to indicate who is forced to move in a wheelchair. Okay, I know you do sports and then you know your body move, but let’s get back to your brain.

Memory is a muscle like the legs, if not armies withers and you become (from the mental point of view) otherwise skilled namely (let’s face it) a moron. And also, as for all the risk it is that when you get old there is Alzheimer’s disease, one of the ways to avoid this unfortunate incident is to exercise more and memory.