Chrome has become one of the most used browsers of the moment. So much so, that for a long time the tool has already done with more than 60% of market share. One of the most interesting features of Chrome apart from its agility and performance are the extensions.

Extensions or add-ons are added to help us enjoy a richer browsing experience. In fact, we are dealing with applications specially designed for the browser that offer different functions. That can make our browsing a lot easier. When installing the browser, users will have access to three basic extensions, which will be installed as standard. These are YouTube, Mail and Google Search. But there are many more. Today we want to recommend five super useful extensions for Chrome.

Useful Chrome extensions

Capture and edit

If you are looking for an application to help, you make screenshots you have to download Explain and send screenshots. Its title is as clear as its functioning. With this extension, which is easily installed just by clicking on the Add to Chrome button you will be able to make screenshots of the pages that you have open in the browser.

If this were not enough, you can also edit and send them from here. This means that you will no longer need to copy the capture to your favorite editing program or exit the browser to make the captures with another program. When you have finished editing the capture you have infinite options to draw write or paint you can download it to your computer as an image or share it through any other means through a link. The operation is agile, simple and does not take up space.

Print selection

Sometimes printing a web page can be a real nightmare. What if we print only what interests us? For that is precisely Print Selection in this case, what we will do is select the specific area that we are interested in printing. Install the extension by clicking on the link that we provide and select Add to Chrome. Once installed, a printer icon will appear in the upper right of the navigation bar. You can start working now. It works mostly for images, so all you have to do is right-click on it and choose Print Image.

If you want to organize your day to day and need the support of a digital tool, you have them of options readily available. If you regularly work with Chrome and the browser has already become virtually on your desktop. This extension is a kind of notepad that you will always have at your fingertips and that will be of great help to you to take a good control of everything that you do.

To start using the tool all you have to do is install the extension. Go to the link we provided and add it to Chrome. Then an icon with a blue check will be added in the top right of the browser. You will then need to log in. Fortunately, you can do so through your Google or Facebook account or if you do not register with an email address. Then you can begin to manage your tasks. You have the option to classify them to Today, Tomorrow to perform at any time. You will find options to manage them in full screen and classify them in different categories.

Fuck Cookies

We’ve already told you about Fuck Cookies some other time. Are you one of those who hate messages that tell you that the site collects cookies? Well in that case you have to download this extension. Fuck Cookies stays installed in Chrome and takes care of accepting all cookies warnings that appear along the way, so you do not have to do it yourself. In this way, you will not be bothered anymore. Simply install the extension by clicking on the link.

Save to Drive

We end up with another interesting option if you are one of those who use Google Drive often to save all your content. This is saving to drive an extension that, as its name indicates, will allow you to save things that interest you directly to drive. This will not require you to use the classic save sequence to store them on your desktop. Then try to synchronize them to drive. To start using Save to Drive in your browser as an extension click on the link above and install the tool in the browser.