A computer with bluetooth technology and an updated cell phone. Most new computers and phones come with this technology. In some countries you can add a bluetooth module with USB to a computer for 20 or 30 dollars, sometimes less; and almost effortlessly files can be transferred from a computer to a cell and vice versa. It is a fairly simple process, so get going.

bluetooth technology




Activate Bluetooth on your computer. To activate check the “Control Panel”. You should see an option for bluetooth devices. Select this option and make sure the device is enabled. If you install a USB module, you must connect it and use it immediately. Otherwise the option must be included in the drivers to install (insert the disc and install the software).



Enable bluetooth on your cell phone. Each mobile is different, but generally just to go to the setup menu and select the bluetooth. There should be an option to enable the device to your phone. Enable it and make sure your phone is visible.




Allows the computer look for devices. You must find your cell phone. You can also search your PC with your mobile phone. Many times, the USB modules have trouble finding your phone; but your phone can find your computer. The important thing is that the devices are connected, regardless of which make the first detection.



Approved devices to connect. Sometimes contact automatically, so you do not have to do anything. However, if this is not the case, see step 5.



Enter any required security code. If you do not know these codes, try the default options (1234, the last 4 digits of your phone, etc.). If this fails, contact Customer Support.



Select the files you want on your computer, then right-click and search for “Send via Bluetooth”. Tap this option and let the files are sent.