If you are in your profile Linkedin always being open and anyone can come and look at it you can do the same with others. However, this social network has a feature that no one else has: tell us who look at our profile. Sables you can do this anonymously. In this article, we explain systematically, how to see a Linkedin profile in private mode. Unlike other popular social networks, Linkedin account from day one with the option of knowing who has visited your profile in recent days this allows greater interaction among users, especially among those organizations or individuals seeking new personnel to form part of their business.

Viewing profile Linkedin in private mode

However, it is exactly this functionality that often makes us feel embarrassed to explore the profile of other users to know their current position or professional experience that person will eventually know that we have been there is there any option to avoid it ? It can be done completely anonymously.

Surely you have seen unidentified users visit your profile, this possibility is to access all accounts and do not have to be premium user to enjoy this option. To change your privacy settings on linkedin in private mode first thing to do is access the social network with your email and password. Once inside, go to the upper right corner where your profile picture thumbnail and click on it appears to display the menu options. You must choose the alternative Privacy and configuration.

Upon entering your account, settings have three alternatives: account, privacy and communications. It is important that you check each of the system options to confirm whether your account is set as desired, if anyone can contact you, the number of notifications you want to receive, among other things. Then the system will give you several alternatives, as recommended in the previous step is important to look at them in detail to ensure that your account has the level of privacy you want.

In order to become an anonymous user and browse Linkedin more comfortably, then select Display Options profile. By default, you have marked the first alternative that includes your name, title and photo. But if your goal is anonymity then you must choose one of two options below display your profession and the area in which you find yourself or leave as user anonymous linkedin in private mode the alternative in this case I chose me.

By choosing this option you will get see a Linkedin profile private so no one can identify you , so you can browse in the career of those people with whom you have worked or studied in the past, you will see the users linkedin in private mode you interesting look and navigate with ease without fear of being detected.