Follow us on the news of the new presentation of Apple. Watch Apple and more. Then came the day when the order is presented is most famous smart watch, the Apple Watch. With strong competition going around, it’s going to have to show a lot if you want to succeed. A few months ago we saw a preview of what is, but we now expect full details. Lets talk about new apple macbook.

new apple macbook

What it is presented at the event:

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch can be customized much, choosing different skins for the clock. They explain, for example you can choose a design and add things like the date, day, etc. You can use it to check the weather, control your music, follow your heart rate.

Watch Apple displays text messages, and can respond at a touch. You can also answer calls. Sure, you can also view emails. A new technology called “Digital touch” allows you to connect your Apple Watch with a friend, and if you draw something on the screen, your friend will appear (in the clock) exactly what you’re drawing while you draw.

The Apple Watch also keeps track of your physical activity. You can even send you weekly records of what you were active. Apple Watch also shows you notifications of social networks like Facebook for example. You can also use it to make payments with apple pay (which is not the case in Spain).

New Macbook

Apple introduced a new Macbook, with a thickness of only 13.1 mm and weighs only 0.45 kg. His body is all metal and has a full-size keyboard, which covers the entire surface of the Macbook. Now the keyboard is better quality, you can type more comfortable and improved LED backlight. The screen resolution is 2304 x 1440 pixels, a retina display. And now pixels are more light. According to Apple, this is the best screen made for a Macbook. The Trackpad also improved and now has 4 sensors, and can distinguish the strength of the pulses. It is a new gesture called “Force Click” doing so, for example, on a word, you can automatically take you to the Wikipedia.

Battery now has more capacity and can surf the Internet up to 9 hours on a single charge. The processors are the next generation of Intel. Now uses a new port called USB-C. which it is a new industry standard, used to load, connect to the TV and is a multi use. US $ 1299, offers 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB SSD, 12-inch screen retina and processor Core m. He joins the family on a par with the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro. Since 10 April.