Watch movies on Android is pretty easy. Losing just some of the recommended apps and search the movie … it works! We explain how. Mobile now (Galaxy S5, Xperia Z3, LG G3, etc) have a large and excellent screen, so take advantage of them to watch movies is a good idea. We explain how to watch free movies on android and in two minutes, watching the latest news on your mobile Android.

Clarification: Downloading applications and movies / series copyrighted is the responsibility of the users. We can not guarantee that they are safe and is not responsible for the misuse of the application.

1- Popcorn Time:

This App is all the rage in PC, where thanks to the Torrent managed to make a sort of ” free Netflix “. Easy, you enter the application, you select a movie, the subtitle language and it starts playing, pretty fast. To better, you can search for both movies and series divided into genres, and have very new movies.

how to watch free movies on android

Popcorn Time But how does it work? It is based in Torrent, a way to share files. When you choose a movie, this is downloaded to your machine from many other computers that also have the film. Self leugo you also share automatically. This is faster to do something on Youtube for example. Step by step:

1. Download the app from ” “. It is easier if you enter on your phone. Choose where it says “Download beta 1.2”.
2. One .apk file is downloaded. You must give to install.
3. Once installed, you just have to enter the application and you the complete catalog of movies and TV displays.

To start I recommend you first select the menu button (upper left corner) and go to settings. There in the area of “subtitles” you can choose the default language, that unless you are very good with English will normally be “Spanish”. Also, below, in the “Advanced, where it says” section Storage Location “, you can choose the folder where movies are saved. This is important because a lot of space and perhaps prefer to be saved on your SD memory.
Finally, under where it says “Delete Cache to close” refers to the application deletes the movies when you leave, not to fill all the memory. If you prefer to keep them so you just uncheck that option. For the simple interface, speed and timeliness of the content, seems the most practical option .

An easy app to use, like Popcorn Time in the sense that shows you a wide range of movies and series, with plot and actors each, but with the difference that in this case the films are from different video sites serving as a source. Not necessarily fall to your mobile phone, but you can download them by pressing a button.